Sunday, January 30, 2011

january 30 - Sunday already????

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I last posted...this has been a crazy busy week, so very little computer time (but I did make sure I made time for at least a little bit of stitching each truly has become my sanity!) We are entering into the "programming" phase of our new library...working with architects to decide what we want and need in the design. We still don't have a site...that is in the works...but the process is moving along, which is positive. It also means lots more meetings...and they just tire me out! They're very informative, but tiring just the same! And budget time is also almost upon us, and my director will be out of town most of next we have to fit lots into a little bit of time. I t does make the days go by faster though!

So, let's get to stitching! I started my SAL on Apple Tree Sampler last Sunday. This is what the design will look like when finished..

and this is how far I got last week...the fabric is more yellow than it appears here.

I hope to get at least a little bit more done before the day is done!

I also stitched and finished my ornament for January. It is a freebie from Samplerbird Stitchery called Holiday Spirit. I have seen it stitched so beautifully on many other blogs and yahoo groups and decided to do it too. It was a quick stitch and fun to do. I added some white beads but they are hard to see in the photo.

We had a "Snowman Kit Exchange" on the Stitchers Timeout group...anyone participating was to send a kit to their partner, including a pattern, fabric and threads to complete the design. I received Heart in Hand's Mr. Byrd from Mar and she was kind enough to also include a piece of finishing fabric, so after he was stitched I made him into a little no-sew cube. I had some snowman ribbon in my stash and it worked out perfectly. I love snowmen designs, but I really don't like stitching with white this obviously causes problems! But I loves stitching this chubby little guy...he was lots of fun.

Last up is a photo of Clare's finished sampler The Hunt. We have been doing this as a round robin and I finished my bit this week and it is on its way back home to her. Her's is stitched on a white evenweave with Silk n Colors thread in "faded ink". I hope she likes the way it's turned out. It looks much nicer in person!

We are off to the store in search of a room dividing screen thingy...the one we have has shutters and they are starting to fall apart. Also, it is kind of tall and Asher loves playing with the shutters. I'm afraid it may fall on his little head!

So off to shopping, and then some stitching!

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  1. I've been drooling over Apple Tree Sampler for some time now. Wish I had a few more hands to stitch with! You are really coming along nicely on it.

    Your snowman is adorable and that sampler....WOW. Just stunning!

  2. You have some very cute finishes. I love the Apple Tree Sampler... hadn't seen this one before and it is so pretty! May have to check this one out.

    Hope you have a less stressful week with much stitching...


  3. I love Mr. Byrd...he's so cute! Great progress on your Apple Sampler too. The Hunt is stunning. I am sure that Claire will be happy to have it on it's way home.

  4. This is so strange that you've posted a picture of the Hunt Sampler. I just read someone else's blog who has just started that sampler and I have it in my stash all kitted up and ready to go. I've never seen anyone do this sampler, so odd that I would see two posts on it in the same evening.
    Your finishes are great by the way.

  5. A great Start and finishes !!! The round robin turned out great. Happy Stitching !!

  6. I, too, saw the Hunt Sampler shown twice - small world. I think the Round Robin turned out great. You are also doing a great job on the Apple Tree Sampler.

    I love both the January ornament and the Snowman kit! I am going to go get that Holiday Spirit freebie - just right for the tree!

  7. Wow ~ you've been stitching some awesome projects! I love your little snowman finish, he is so cute!

  8. I like the Apple Tree Sampler. You have a great start.
    Cute ornaments and the Round Robin is so pretty.
    Good luck at work.

  9. The RR & the Apple Tree Sampler are lovely.


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