Monday, January 17, 2011

january 17 - challenge wrap-up

It's hard to believe that January is half-over and with it, the crazy 15 new starts as well. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's new starts...I found that I am stitching some of the same designs as others, but I have also found so many more really wonderful designs to add to my wishlist...and even a couple that I had in my stash and had totally forgotten about!

My day 14 start was Olde Shaker Tune from Homespun Elegance. This was a design I had for so long that I forgot I had it and bought another copy! It is one of my favorite I find myself singing at the strangest times. Anyway, here is my start...

And for the last day, day 15, I started Dickens' Mittens...The Last Word. I had hoped to do this one last year, but never got around to it. In our last round robin group, my partners each stitched one of the Dickens' mittens for me. I hope to finish this in such a way that I can hang the mittens from below this piece. It doesn't sound like it makes sense, but I have a picture in my head! Here is my start...

Yesterday was football Sunday (Go Jets!) and I pulled out Ellen Birdseye to work on. This was my January 1st start. I am really enjoying this piece.

Happily, I do not have to go in to work today, so after some early morning errands, I am hoping to meet hubby for lunch and have the afternoon to stitch. I have pulled out my Three Things Sampler to work on today. This is where I left off last time...

I hope everyone is having a great day.
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  1. I have been loving all your new starts and cant wait to follow all the progress!! Take care, Faye

  2. I love all your starts, I can see your vision for the Dickens Mittens. Look forward to seeing your progress :)
    Take Care

  3. Love the designs you've chosen for your challenge, I really am going to miss seeing so many stichers posting their challenge choices.

  4. You have some great starts and WIP! Hadn't seen the HE and she is one of my favorite. Will have to search for this one. Your samplers are beautiful...can't wait to see more...

    happy stitching...

  5. Hi Lynda ... oooh hanging the mittens from it will look lovely :) ... love your old shaker tune , the colours are really nice and the ellen birdseye one is the first time I've seen this and can't wait to see the finished piece :)
    hope you had a lovely lunch and managed to get some more stitching done :) love mouse xxx

  6. I spy some great challenge pieces

  7. Your starts look gorgeous - love the patterns you chose !!!!

  8. I love your starts. And your Three Things Sampler is so beautiful I just put it on my wishlist :-)

  9. Some great projects there, especially the Ellen Birdseye one. Your idea for the Dickens mittens sounds great, look forward to seeing how it turns out

  10. Starts and stitching are fantastic!

  11. Wow, so many great starts! I especially like Ellen Birdseye. It will be a pleasure to follow your progress


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