Tuesday, January 4, 2011

january 4 - first new moon of the new year

It's the first new moon of the new year, and that means it's time to post our "Totally Useless SAL" or TUSALs. I emptied my jar from last year (which had pretty slim pickins!) into a larger container and am starting fresh for this year. With all the new starts this should start filling up pretty fast! You can still sign-up here, but you have to hurry!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the baby sampler. I really like the way it is turning out. I finished one of the birds last night and started on the flowers. Until this is finished, it will be my main focus, especially since I put myself on this ridiculous deadline...that was I thinking?

But I did make a small...well, tiny...start on a new project this morning...Pumpkins and Peacocks from The Goode Huswife.

When I say a tiny start, I really mean it...there are maybe thirty stitches here! But I don't think I like this fabric. It was a piece I had in my stash and I thought it would work, but I'm afraid the two green threads will just vanish into it. It's a very dark green fabric. You might be able to see a bit of it in this photo...probably not. So I can either change the greens or start over on new fabric. I'll think about it some more today.

And finally, I thought I should probably start on one of the UFO's, so I am starting with a small one...Flying Monkeys from Glory Bee.

It was so cold this morning...I still have a chill even though I've been inside for hours! Think I'll make some hot cider and take a break (I've been so hard at work!) and stitch for a bit before the library opens!

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  1. I joined the TUSAL this year too. What fun it is to see what is in everyone's ort jar!

  2. Ha! Flying Monkeys!!! I have stitched this one, and just love it! Huge Wizard of Oz fan, so fits right in!!

  3. I love your new start -- oh dear, another pattern I've never seen before.

  4. A beautiful ORT jar, Lynda! Wonderful new starts too!

  5. Pumpkins and Peacocks is a wonderful chart, I have never seen it before. Great choice.

  6. Ohh Flying Monkeys! I love that! I have way too much Halloween though!

    Great start on the orts.


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