Saturday, November 10, 2012

a stitchy saturday

It's been a pretty productive day!

Hit Michael's for some needed DMC and a few other goodies for exchanges. Also bought Christmas cards at B & N. wonder how long it will take me to start writing them...I do have stamps though...

The patterns I was waiting for arrived from 123stitch, so I'll be able to start another exchange piece tomorrow.

The elusive "Jennifer's" are still nowhere to be least in this area. I think if a design is going to be exclusive to Joann's (which these are)...then they should be available at all the stores and on line too. It doesn't seem fair that some areas of the country get them and others don't. I think it should be an across the board thing. Maybe they'll still show up...we'll see!

I've been stitching on an exchange piece today, so can't show anything yet. I think it will be cute though!

Watching some college football...go Ducks!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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  1. They are wonderful, these stitchy weekends, aren't tehy? I'm having one as well. Which means nearly nothing to work for school, just stitching and reading time. And some computering, of course, lol.
    I hope you'll be able to find your Jennifer's.

  2. I have to agree with you on the scissors. They should be available at all the stores and the employees should have a clue as to what they are cuz I gotta tell you around here they are either pretending not to know the scissors exist or they really don't know they exist at all. Either way it's wrong.

  3. I wasn't able to find the scissors at my Joann's either...

  4. No Jennifer when I went to JoAnn's in Phoenix this weekend.
    And none in western WA either.


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