Wednesday, November 7, 2012

bits and pieces

With the election finally over, the knot in my stomach is gone. That's a good thing.
I realized that I missed last month's WIPocalypse, but I think I've already posted pics of anything I worked on last month...other than some exchanges, and those have to wait anyway!
Still stitching on Judy's round's going a bit slowly, but coming along.
Lots of you have been participating in Loretta's blog hop questions. I kind of fell behind with those, so thought I might try to answer a couple.
What's your absolute least favorite thread to work with? Color wise it has to be white thread...which is really unfortunate because I really like snowman designs! The one type of thread I avoid is metallics...they drive me nuts!
What are your must have stitching tools? I have lots of those...I have to have a magnifier...also a needle threaded...I also like to use highlighter tape. My hubby bought me a great combo light and magnifier which I also love to use.
I'd love to hear about some of your favorite tools!
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  1. have a lovely day dear and happy stitching x

  2. white is hard to work with but I find off white is even harder.

  3. Black on black is the worst I know.


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