Monday, November 5, 2012

misty monday

There has been a constant mist here for most of the morning...sometimes thicker than others...and now, just before it will start to get dark (because of that darn time change!) the sun has come out in full force! I shouldn't complain, because yesterday was a really lovely warm day...wonderful for November.

I've ordered my fabric for the Santa's Village project. I just went ahead and got the 32ct. lambswool. I probably could have been more creative about it, but I just really want to get everything ready and be able to (hopefully) keep up with this one. I failed dismally with the cottages...only finished one all year (although I do have high hopes for finishing December so that I can display it this year...we'll see).

Some good sister and her family in New Jersey finally have their power back...and hubby went back to work today after a bout with pneumonia. It seems to be going around here too...kind of weird. Election Day is finally upon more of those constantly irritating political ads...I am not looking forward to staying up late tomorrow night to find out the results, so maybe I'll just go to bed and be surprised in the morning.

I worked some on Judy's round robin last night and hope to get some more done tonight. She chose Language of the Flowers from Rosewood Manor for her piece. It is really pretty, and we are each just doing a small bit, so Judy will finish it up later. I'll post a pic when I have my bit finished.

Well, it's time for me to pack up and go home. It's been a long work day and I am really feeling it. Why do Mondays always seem so hard?

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  1. I am also signed up for Santa's village. I signed up for the autoship for the patterns and buttons. As for the fabric I was going to stitch on 32 ct flax but I sure love the color lambswool. Is your fabric Linen or Joblean? Have you seen the photo posted of the Village? Check out Santas village blog.
    love Annette

  2. Glad you family is recovering from the storm....

  3. Where did you sign up for Santa's village - the first design is stunning - I want to do the whole village?

  4. Lynda you sound like me. I finally managed 4 of the 12 LK Halloween Rules designs. I'll be looking forward to seeing more of Santa's village.

  5. hello deary, your santa village sound so much fun..where did you sign up for it?
    big hugs cucki xxx

  6. Mondays were hard at school too. I remember that .


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