Friday, November 9, 2012

friday flights

Hubby arrived in Arizona safely. He will be spending the next few days with his brother whom we haven't seen in a few years, so this will be a fun trip for him.

Still trying to track down a pair of the new Gingher Jennifer scissors. None of the Joann's around here seem to have them and it is very frustrating!. It's not like I need another pair of scissors, but I really like these. And I have a great coupon too! Oh well, I'll just keep at it and maybe one of these days they'll show up!

I also made a small trek to Acorns and Threads because I needed a few flosses for an exchange I am doing. I thought the pattern would come in today's mail, but it didn't. I did get my fabric for Santa's Village though so I'll be all set once that pattern arrives.

Some of us in the Friendly Stitcher's group are doing a round robin, and I finished stitching my part on Judy's today. She chose Language of the Flowers from Rosewood Manor as her piece and it is really a beautiful design. This is a shot of the bit I stitched, all except the "P" and the bottom of that vase in the upper corner.

and here is a shot of the piece so far. It is going to look really lovely; I think Judy will be pleased.

I'm off to work on another exchange piece...

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  1. Hope you find your scissors soon, beautiful stitching, hugs.

  2. What a gorgeous design. Have you tried Carol from Garden of Stitches blog for the scissors as she sells them very reasonably too. X

  3. I really like that design. Beautiful colors. It's coming along nicely.
    Hope you find your scissors. I'm a scissor nut too!

  4. The scissor thing with Joanne's makes me crazy. I can never find the scissors, so now I boycott them :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. What a beautiful piece. Love how it is coming along girl.

  6. I can't find those scissors either, and I too have the 60% off coupon. Ugh. I called every store in a 30 mile radius and NOBODY has them. I'm beginning to think they don't exist. LOL

    That is a really lovely piece. I tend to really like what Rosewood Manor has to offer.

  7. The RR piece your working on is lovely.


  8. What a beautiful flowery piece!

  9. It's so beautiful so far! I love the flowers in the vase!!

  10. How beautiful RR again. I hope you find the scissors soon.


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