Thursday, November 8, 2012


The people who film the television series Grimm have invaded this little town where I work. There are massive equipment trucks surrounding our little library and streest being closed even as I type this. The actual filming is being done in the church across the street, I think. I know that this show is based in Portland...they have done lots of filming in the neighborhood where my daughter lives. But it is kind of exciting. I guess I should start watching the series...

Hubby is off on his travels tomorrow and that gives me a 4 day weekend...I have grand plans to get many things done and I hope that that is what happens. It is very cold today, so if it stays this way I have every excuse to just stay inside by the fireplace and stitch and read to my heart's content, right? Of course, the doggies have to go out, but we can bundle up for that.

An ex-coworker came in today with her daughter...the last time I saw her she was a tiny little baby...she is nine years old now! (and as tall as her mother!) Where did those nine years go?

I also went to a presentation this morning on our retirement plan and how to apply, etc. Not that I am really getting ready to retire (although hubby would love it if I did), but it is always good to find out that information early. It is kind of confusing, at least to me. I never have been one for numbers!

Time for a nice hot cup of tea...I have been sitting here freezing all day..hope I'm not getting sick...wish I had brought some stitching with me.  It seems like whenever I do that, I never have the time. Was wondering if I should just have a "work project" and leave it here. Do those of you who work outside the home ever take your stitching to work with you?

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  1. I used to take a small project back and forth to work with me to stitch for a few minutes at lunch. It didn't work well with a stressful job and my eating at my desk. I miscounted more than I can remember. If I made an effort to eat in a quite spot in the cafeteria, I think it would work well. Enjoy your 4 days!

  2. How exciting for a Portland. I have not watched that show. maybe I will give it a try. Enjoy your 4 days.

  3. I love the show Grimm! You are so lucky that it is being filmed where you work!!! I never had time to stitch anything when I worked.. I now stay at home and have a hard time finding time to stitch. lol

  4. Grimm is one of my favorite shows! So happy there are shows on these days that aren't cop/detective or based in a hospital.

  5. Exciting for Portland , have a great weekend hugs.

  6. Love Grimm series. We watch every episode. It's funny to. I always have with me were ever I go, a book and a small stitch project and water:) Enjoy your time - how nice..
    love Annette

  7. Grimmk is a fantastic series and one I never miss here in the UK

    Val x

  8. Time flies doesn't it?
    I stitch every lunch hour at work. I have a full set of floss here, all of the tools I need. The lighting isn't the best, but I deal with it.
    I used to stitch when it was slow, but got in trouble for it so I don't do that anymore.


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