Friday, October 16, 2009

oct 16 - flying the friendly skies

We're off to the airport in a bit...flying to Arizona for a family wedding. My husband's brother is getting married. Oh if only we could sit down with a large mug of tea and chat...I could tell stories. SIL and BIL from Maine are also here and it will be really good to see them. We haven't seen them since the family reunion in 2008. I think I might have more fun if 80% of our time wasn't going to be spent in cars and airports but what can you do? I have Monday off to re-group. I sound like I am complaining? Maybe because I really do not want to be doing this.
Flying is not my favorite thing to fact, it is one of my least favorite things to do. So I am feeling a bit stressed right now. I have some books and some stitching to occupy my mind and hubby of course. Luckily it's a short flight. It's supposed to be 99 degrees in Tucson today...hope we can handle all that sunshine!

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  1. Have fun Lynda and you know, a cocktail or two is always a good way (for me anyway) to relieve the stress of flying (or I just use that as an excuse for a cocktail). Of course, that won't work if you don't drink?!

    Be safe and have fun!

  2. Oh I feel your pain! I just returned from a trip to VA & MD myself! If flying didn't get me where I want to be SO quickly, I'd never even enter an airport!! LOL!

    Hope you enjoy the trip anyway...and be safe!

  3. Bye, Lynda! Hope the flight is easy for you, and the family festivities lots of fun!
    hugs, babs

  4. It will be fine, the anticipation is usually worse than the actual flight. Have fun in the sun, CJ ok;-)

  5. Hoping for safe travels and an enjoyable visit with your family!
    A cocktail never hurt a thing if you ask tummy always drops out from under me on takeoff, hate that!

  6. Good luck with your flight! I am sure that all will be alright. Have fun in Arizona!

  7. All the best with the flight and the wedding. I am sure it goes fine.


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