Saturday, October 3, 2009

oct 3 - scissor obsession

I have been stitching since I was in college with short breaks here and there, so that has been over 30 years, and up until a short time ago I was content to have one or two pair of fairly inexpensive scissors. And then I discovered Ginghers designer embroidery scissors. It all started very innocently. I purchased the "Emma" scissors because I thought they were so pretty and I had a coupon. Then they put out a pair called "Sarah"...and well..that's my daughter's name so I had to have them, right? And then I was hooked. I realized that Joanns always has 50% off coupons so if I planned things along came "Criss". Last week I saw a post on Jill's blog that she got the "Elena" scissors, so I grabbed my coupon and rushed to Joanns and found that they didn't have the Elenas, but they did have these......"Mia". I love plaids so these are just perfect.

I went to Mike and Carol's online store just to look around and saw the Elenas there,

and then I had to give in and finally get the "Freedom" scissors as well.

So I think I now have another official obsession...and I can't answer the question "why do you need so many pairs of scissors?"...but I just know that I do.
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  1. cute scissors! I haven't been bit by the scissor but yet. Hopefully I won't since I have a limited amount of money for my crafts and it only goes so far.

  2. Lynda, one can NEVER have enough scissors. About those Mia's, we don't have them here. Are they still available in your area?

  3. Lynda, thanks for your comment on my Just Nan. I didn't have the charm to put in the middle so I found some stick on hearts that I had in my stash and added it. Doesn't really tie in with the snowflake
    theme but the color matches. lol

    I like scissors too and yours are awesome.

  4. Oh, how I can relate to this post. My obsession started last year even though I've been stitching for 30 years. I just started collecting scissors. Gingher Sara was my first real scissors and then I had to have the Kelmscott ones in many colors, then the Love Scissors, then more Ginghers, Criss, and I really want the Freedom ones now........I'm crazy......oh, I got an inexpensive orange and pink pair too.....LOL You can see my orange ones on my blog header right now.


    Feathers in the nest

  5. Your scissors collection is wonderful. My favorite ones is a gold pair that I use for my embroidery.
    Loved them all!

  6. I'm finally getting around to visiting blogs that have come to see me! I LOVE all those scissors! I have a friend who has a lot of Ginghers too..I HAVE to have the new Elena' pretty!

  7. Lynda, i love the freedom scissors! I know I have to have these also; I too have a scissor obsession!

  8. It all starts so innocently, as you said, doesn't it? But they're so beautiful!

  9. Love the scissors! If I had more money I would have at least a dozen pair but right now my two pair do me fine!

  10. Great additions to your scissor've never seen the plaid ones! Love them all:)

  11. Scissors are necessary. Believe me, stitching and knitting would get much harder without scissors, and I happen to like both, even my stitching is needlepoint.


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