Friday, October 2, 2009

oct 2 - wonderful mail

Since I didn't post yesterday I thought I would double up today to catch up. As luck would have it I had 2 wonderful surprises waiting for me when I picked up my mail.
A short time ago, Lynn had a giveaway on her blog and I was one of the lucky winners. She sent me three beautiful flower pins and the teeniest little coffee pot. The photo does no do them justice. They are so delicate and perfectly fashioned. Thank you so much Lynn!

I also received an exchange from Sharon. We had a "My Stitching Place" exchange over at Friendly Stitchers and Sharon stitched me a gorgeous puffy pincushion. Again you really can't appreciate how lovely this is from the picture. The colors are so delicate and the stitching is beautiful. The backside is a pretty green sateen type fabric. Sharon also included some Thread Gatherers silk, ribbon and a cute little flower basket charm. Thank you so much Sharon! This will hang right beside my stitching chair.

What a perfect start to the weekend!
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  1. Cute little pins and coffee pot. Love the exchange - so pretty!

  2. The pins and coffee pot are just fabulous!!! Love it!! Wonderful exchange package!!

  3. Hi Lynda

    I am glad they got there safely!

  4. lynn's rose pins looks fabulous....i was lucky enough to win her giveaway...

  5. Lynn B's pretties are AWESOME!! Love her work!
    and what a gorgeous pinchushion Sharon sent in your exchange! So beautiful!!

  6. Those are awesome! I could never stitch anything like that.


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