Monday, October 19, 2009

oct19 - back home

We finally fell into bed after midnight last night after a very busy weekend. We left Friday morning for Phoenix...arrived on time...only to find that they had "lost" our rental car. They found us another - a Suburban,which seemed huge, but we were the designated drivers for the weekend, and when we finally dropped the bride and groom at the airport it turned out that there was barely enough room for all the luggage anyway!
On to rush hour traffic... so it took about 2 1/2 hours...and before we got there our plans had already been changed for us. Instead of going to our hotel to relax for a bit we ended up at BILs house where we had to quick change and get to the restaurant for dinner...where we had to wait for almost an hour to eat.
Saturday morning we were up early to go and sit and wait some more...the wedding wasn't until 4:30. The wedding was held at a golf resort and the rooms we had were very nice. The wedding was held outside...the reception inside, thank goodness. Did I forget to mention that the temperature in Tucson that day hit 102? We're Oregonians...we don't do 102!
Anyway it was a very nice wedding and it was great fun spending time with our relatives from Maine. We don't get to see them often enough and we always have a good time when we are together. The bride was lovely and her toast brought a tear to my eye. Hubby and I danced and had fun together.
So I guess I am glad we went. Sort of....
We called my BIL (the one who got married) "the general"...
can you guess why? He micromanaged and dictated our every move from the time we landed until the time we dropped him at the airport. When he called to wake us up on Sunday at 5:30 when we didn't have to leave until 7 I thought I was going to really lose it. But we got them to the airport, with all their luggage, on time.
Then the rest of us, who didn't have to be at the airport until later, headed off to the Desert Botanical Gardens to relax a bit. It was very warm but we really enjoyed ourselves. We took one of those tours and the docent was very informative. Of course I had my camera safely packed away in my suitcase so there are no photos! BIL called us from the airport to say their flight was delayed 2 hours....after all that rushing around! Maybe he should have called the airport to check but I think he was too busy hustling the rest of us around! I think I must sound like a real complainer but you really had to be there to fully understand just how annoying one man can be. But we all have lots of stories to tell now!
So back to the airport around noon for the flight to Maine and then Jeff and I were there until 8 when we finally took off for home. Quite a long day! I thought I would get lots of stitching done with all that waiting around but I was so tired that I didn't get much done at all...just a little on my Beatrix Potter sampler. It was so good to get home to our furry family...our dog walker stayed with them for the weekend and they all had great fun.
And I am lucky enough to have today off so I am going to go make a huge mug of tea and enjoy it!
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  1. At least it was nice, excepting the "general"!agio

  2. Sounds like a great time. I can assure you as Australian's we don't do 102 either. I hate the heat and I guess like people who live with snow don't put their noses out the door much in the winter we don't put our noses out the door in summer.

  3. Sounds exciting - and also a bit exhausting, lol. I can understand that it feels good to be home again. And with different temperatures. I would have melted at 102°.

  4. It must have been very hot! Sometimes it is hot in Finland too, and it bothers me. I don't like super cold or super hot.
    I get "the general" thing. It may be very annoying.


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