Sunday, March 15, 2009

mar 15 - frogs - wanted and unwanted

I don't know if I ever mentioned that I collect frogs...we met a shaman a few years ago who said I have a strong connection to the little creatures and that was before she knew I collected them. Go figure...maybe I was a frog in a past life. Anyway, these are 3 that I just added to my collection. The two little ones were picked up in Arizona at the Desert Botanical Garden gift shop, and the third was just too cute to pass by!
The unwanted frog arrived last night as I was nearing the end of Part 2 of "Alla Turca" and realized I had miscounted on Part 1 and had to take out both the birds and the little bottom bit. I'm almost caught back up...we were watching "Treasure of Sierra Madre" last night as I stitched along. So hopefully I'll get this finished today. It's another rainy day here in Oregon and other than grocery shopping there's not much else I have to do.

Thanks to Daffycat for reminding me that the cute ladybug design in my previous post is one of Erynne's. Her blog is now linked in that post...if you haven't already, please go visit her. She has a great blog and some great designs...this ladybug one is a freebie there.

Also, please visit Kim at her blog...she is having a wonderful giveaway there.

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  1. Cute and apt collection!

    I had my mom rolling in laughter when I explained why stitchers had such an affinity for frogs. Funny, I like them too!

  2. My mom also love's anything with frogs. I am always looking out for something froggy to give her. : )

  3. Ah cute!! Fun little creatures to collect:)

  4. A fun collection. The hairy one just made me LOL.

  5. Nice frogs. I mean the green ones. The stitchy one was not so nice.


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