Sunday, April 8, 2007

starting over

Having had trouble with blogging before, I was ready to give up...but I'm going to give it one last try! Hopefully this time will work!

It's supposed to be season...we are having our usual crazy spring weather here in Oregon...warm one minute...rainy the next...cold the next...but at least we don't have snow...unlike in Cleveland, where my Mariners have been snowed out 2 days in a row! Baseball...snowed out??? It's crazy!

One of my stitching goals for 2007 was to try and stitch at least a little bit every day. I've managed to do that, except for maybe a few days when I was too sick to keep my head up. So for a change, I am actually finishing some projects! Thanks to a couple of on-line stitching groups that I belong to, I have been working on some things that I have wanted to get done for ages too.

This week, I've finished a few small pieces...another of the LHN fruit thread packs - "Cherries", a basket block for STO,and also a needlebook for the an exchange in the same group.The design on the needlebook is part of an LHN design called "Stitcher's Prayer".

I'm working on 2 other pieces that I hope to finish this week...CCN's "Geranium House" and Midnight Stitching's "Dragonfly Sampler"...we'll see!