Saturday, May 11, 2013

TUSAL & a shoe victory!

 Another New Moon...another TUSAL offering. Not too bad considering I only stitched this past week. Getting back in the groove though!


After Jeff's eye apppointment (he had to get another shot in the eye...ouch!) I decided to go out and try to find some shoes for the wedding. One of my co-workers had a cute pair of sandals on this week and I thought something like those would be perfect...patent leather and they were even the right color...but she bought them two years ago, so I hoped to find something similar. Off to DSW, where after much searching, I found a cute pair of wedges that I thought might be ok...I sent the photo to my daughter and she liked them, so I bought them and headed out. Once in the car, I started thinking that maybe they were a bit too dress is a little sparkly, and these shoes...while really cute...are canvas. So I headed across the road to Nordstrom Rack and searched through their shoes. Just when I had given up and was ready to leave, I looked up, and there on the top shelf of clearance shoes was the exact same pair of sandals my friend the right color...and more importantly, in my sizre! I couldn't believe it, so I tried them on, sent the pic to DD (who loved them) and bought them in a flash. Still can't believe my luck...they were the only pair like them too!

And before I go, this is the little patriotic square I stitched for the block exchange at Stitchers' Timeout. It is an old freebie from Heart in Hand - Freedom.

I hope all you moms have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


It's been a month of no posting, and way longer than that of no stitching...but I think I am finally getting back in the groove!

Everything has been so is just flying by and I feel like I am on a merry-go-round. Our daughter's wedding is just three weeks hard to believe! I was back in Boston a couple of weeks ago for her bridal shower...and yes...we did find a dress for me...thank goodness! It is short, so hopefully I can find flats or low heels to wear...I do not fare well with high heels at all! We had a great weekend, but all too short. I was very proud of myself for going alone though...I am really not much of a traveler!

Thank goodness for the Friendly Stitchers' Round Robin group! It was decided that the time was right for our next robin, so I had to sit down and get my piece started! I got the border stitched and sent it on it's way. This time I chose Plum Street Samplers' Halloween Hornbook Sampler. I am looking forward to this round. Everyone always chooses such wonderful pieces for us all to stitch on.

I also realized that I had a block to stitch for our Stitchers' Timeout block exchange, so I am working on a small patriotic block. It might even be finished by tomorrow so I can post a pic along with my TUSAL report. I was afraid my orts bowl would be empty this month, but there will be something to show after all!

I did have a piece picked out to stitch for my daughter for her wedding Actually she picked it out when she was here last summer. But, guess what? Well, probably no surprise....but I can't find it anywhere! It is a fairly simple design, and I could probably finish it in time for the wedding...if I could just find it. Why do I always put things in "safe" places and then forget where they are?????

So it's back to work I go...lots of summer reading stuff to get together before June 1st!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit! Once the next few weeks are over, I think I'll be more relaxed and able to post more often! Hope everyone reading is having a wonderful day!