Thursday, April 28, 2011

may 1 - what a week!

From the devastating storms in the southern United States to the joyful wedding of Kate & Will (has any couple ever looked so happy?) to the amazing news tonight of the killing of Osama Bin's overwhelming! I remember so clearly that morning in September 2001 when I thought my BIL was in one of the twin towers and the sheer relief when I learned that he wasn't much much later in the day. We carry these experiences with us, even when we think they have long been buried, and I don't think we even realize the toll that takes. So I continue to pray for the victims of September 11 and their families, and the victims of the horrible storms this week, even as I also pray for a long and happy life together for Kate & Will...the circle of life...

I have been so negligent as far as blogging goes....I'll be amazed if anyone is left out there who even cares to visit any more! Something is going on with me but I am not sure what. I have just been feeling "off" for the past several weeks. Not really sick, but not really feeling great tired some nights, it's all I can do to read a few pages of a book. I think that our weather is finally turning the corner towards spring, so maybe that will make a difference in how I feel. I hope so!

We had a sleepover with our grandson Saturday night which was lots of fun, as always. I miss him so much when we don't see him, and am always amazed at how much he changes in only a few weeks. He is truly the joy of our lives.

I have not been stitching much lately, but have been reading instead when I have the energy. Sonda wrote on her blog exactly what I have been thinking lately...guiltless stitching is such a pleasure! I started out the new year with those new and UFO challenges, and I have been stitching on some of those pieces, but it is starting to feel like more of a chore than a I have to get such and such done by such and such a time. It kind of takes all the fun out of it! So I think I will stop setting "goals" for myself as far as specific projects go, and just set a goal to stitch as much as I can whenever I can and enjoy every stitch!

I do have a small finish to share. I heard (in a roundabout way) that my partner received her exchange piece in the Blackbird Exchange, so I can share a photo here. It is a piece form the Stitcher's Journey book...Summer Sachet. I hope she liked it! I finished it as a small pin pillow and added a little bit of lace and an old button.

It is getting late and I think I should be heading off to bed. Don't forget about Edgar's blogoversary...the link is in my "Great Giveaways" tab, along with other giveaways from generous fellow bloggers.

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Monday, April 11, 2011

april 11 - monday monday....

We had such a wonderfully relaxing was kind of sad to see it end! There were short glimpses of spring weather, but for the most part, we are not there yet. This morning felt really chilly and, as much as I love my big warm sweaters, I am getting ready for some lighter clothing!

I do have some stitching to share. We are having a spring/Easter SAL with the Stitchers Timeout group, and these are two pieces I stitched for that. The first is Bunny Egg Mini from Waxing Moon Designs. It is stitched with a Weeks fiber called 'Clam Shell' on a piece of buttermilk 28ct. jobelan...a really yummy pale yellow color (which looks gray in this photo!) Trust me, it looks much nicer in person!

The second piece is one I found in the latest issue of The Gift of Stitching. San-Man Originals was the featured designer this month. I used to stitch lots of Sandy's designs and have binders full of them...but then my tastes changed a bit and I began doing more Quakers & primitives & samplers. But reading the article reminded me of how much fun Sandy's designs are to stitch, so I stitched this one up. It is called Happy Quack, and it is stitched on a piece of medium blue 28ct. linen with DMC. I changed some of the colors because they didn't seem as bright as the ones in the picture.

This last photo is my progress so far on Apple Tree Sampler (my SAL with Babs). I'm on page 3 and will start the big tree next Sunday when I pick this one up again. Please excuse the wrinkles...I didn't have time to get the iron out this morning before work! Again...the fabric is more yellow than it appears in this photo.

I also started two ornaments and a square for an exchange, but I ran out of thread for the ornies and time for the square, so I don't have those finishes to show yet! I also haven't heard from my partner in the Blackbird Designs exchange, so I will wait with that one too. I think she should have received it by now, but haven't heard yet. I guess I will give it a bit more time before I start to worry!

I hope you all had lots of time to stitch this weekend too!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

april 3 - totally useless

Another new moon is upon us...where do these months go?

We had our grandson for a sleepover last night and spent some time yesterday at a great indoor play area...the best part about this one is that they had a special section just for the little ones with the same kinds of activities but in a scaled down size. It was lots of fun!

I'm working on a small spring piece right now but don't have a photo yet, but I do have a photo of my TUSAL jar ...I think I may have to look for a larger jar soon! This month I have added threads from lots of small projects as well as a few finishing bits & pieces.

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