Wednesday, September 28, 2011

september 28 - two SALs

So, I have been in the midst of chaos since Sunday night trying to empty out the closets in our upstairs rooms. I don't know why I thought it would be easier...I mean, I knew I had a huge amount of stuff, but it was even worse than I thought...way worse! So now the floors are cleared, the shelves are cleared, and the bathrooms are stuffed with boxes and bags! Luckily, Jeff is on his way home from his conference and we are both off tomorrow, so we can do all the last minute things. He'll be home Friday when the guys come to actually install the carpet...I can't wait. I vow never to let things get to this point again. If they do, please lock me in a little room and don't let me out! I have made lots of discoveries though...patterns that I didn't think I owned so bought another, lots of freebies that really do have to be sorted, lots of designs I know I will never ever stitch, and lots of treasures that I was so excited to see. I see a big sale or lots of giveaways in my future!

I remembered that yesterday was the new moon, but didn't remember until this morning around here is my pathetic TUSAL offering. All those blue threads on the top are the new ones. Before Sunday, there was like one little thread in my bowl, but on Sunday I got all caught up with Carol's SAL so I was able to have at least a little something to show. While stitching Part 4, I realized I was off one stitch in Part 2, so had lots of frogging to do...but now I am all caught up. Carol re-sized the photo for me, but I can't seem to get it over here to the blog, so please check out her blog to see my progress and all the other wonderful pieces that are being stitched. And here is my totally useless SAL for this month...

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Friday, September 23, 2011

september 23 - just sharing

I have had so many things rolling around in my head and just can't seem to concentrate on any one thing long enough to get anything accomplished. You know how it is when you have something niggling in the back of your mind that you know you have to do, so you can't really do anything else because you feel sort of guilty for procrastinating on the original thing? Well, I have been feeling that way for a long time about my "craft room" and the closet within. The closet is stuffed, and my shelves and files are in a state of disarray. But now I am being forced to do something about it because my dear husband called the rug installer the other day, and they are coming next Friday to install new carpet in our upstairs of which is my space. They will move furniture around (except for the bed, which we will have to take apart), but they want all the "little things" put away and nothing on the floors of the closets. Think about how many "little things" there might be in all my stitching stash...yes, some are in boxes, but they are mostly small boxes which I have to find a place for. And then I tend to also make piles and stacks and never seem to get around to sorting through them. And the bags....oh dear. It is just too overwhelming to even think about! Hubby says we can do the closet together tomorrow, but then he is leaving for a conference out of town and won't be back until Wednesday. I think I am in trouble!

A bit of good news if you are the owner of a kindle and have wanted to get library books for free...overdrive (the company that supplies ebooks to libraries) is now supported by kindle which means more free books for us! And the best part is, it is so easy to use. Even I can do it, and I am certainly no technical wizard! Any new way to get books into my hands is always appreciated!

We are having a needlebook exchange on Friendly Stitchers and I received my needlebook from Val the other day. This photo does not do it justice...the theme was autumn, which is my favorite time of year anyway, and this is one of Val's original designs. It is so pretty in person...I know it will be kept out on my stitching stand all year long. Thanks again Val!

I also received my completed round robin back this week from Jinger. We are in a small group and we all stitched The Hunt this last round. Mine is stitched on a mottled gray fabric with GAST in Brethren Blue. It looks so much better in person, but you can get the idea. I wasn't sure about this design at first, but I really love the way it turned out. Thanks again to Jinger and Clare for stitching on this for me.

And I just realized that the New Moon is fast approaching (where did September go?) and my ort container looks pitiful...there won't be much to add to the TUSAL this month if I don't do at least some stitching this weekend. Maybe after a hard day of cleaning out the closet I will reward myself on Sunday (After hubby leaves of course!)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Friday, September 9, 2011

september 9 - smiles and letters

For a short work week, this one has seemed to last forever! It doesn't help that I have been battling headaches all week I guess. Anyway, bring on the weekend!

Isn't this the cutest little design? Sharon posted this one her blog this weekend, and I stitched it right up. I love ladybugs and this one really made me smile...which is what she intended, I guess!

I stopped at my LNS yesterday on the way home to pick up the JCS ornament issue. There are some really nice designs this year, and many from designers I wasn't familiar with. It's fun for me to realize that I can recognize some of the designers now by just looking at the ornaments. My to-do list just got measurably longer!

And when I got home there was a letter waiting from my secret pen-pal. She sent the prettiest hand-made card...the flower is stitched and so delicate! Thank you so much...whoever you have not guessed yet!

I've signed up to do the Crazy 15 Challenge again this year, but I'm having second thoughts. I enjoyed starting so many new projects in January, and I was really sure that I'd be able to complete most of them, but I must admit that so far only a few have been finished, and some are really not even calling to me any more. I didn't choose small projects....well, maybe a couple, but most were medium sized, and I think that as my stitching time became more limited, even those just seemed too big. And then, of course, one must factor in the fact that I have startitis and zero will power when it comes to limiting myself...I see a design I love and start it, and just see myself stitching away...but much of that stitching is in my head! Every day on the drive to work I tell myself what I will accomplish that evening, and more evenings than I care to count, I accomplish zilch! But...I have finally stopped beating myself up about it and just do what I want, when I can and enjoy every stitch. It is my hobby, after all, not my job!

And since I am at my job, I suppose I should get back to it! Break time is over!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1 - the simple woman's daybook

For Today....

Outside my window...the sun is finally coming out
I am thinking...about all the things on my "to do " list
I am thankful...for my husband, who is always there for me
I am wearing...a sweater :(
I am creating...a mess on my desk
I am wondering...if I should out my shoes back on
I am reading...The Union Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini
I am be awake enough to stitch tonight
I am looking forward to...a relaxing weekend
I am hearing...the fan blowing over my head
One of my favorite things...a soy no water chai latte from Starbucks
A few plans for the rest of the week...stitch, read and get my hair cut & colored
A photo to of my favorite spots along the Oregon Coast...Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach...(not my photo, I am at work)

Please visit other daybooks here...thanks Peggy!

september 1 - stitchy helpers

There was a distinct chill in the air this definitely feels like September!

We all need our stitchy helpers, and we all have our addictions, don't we? One of my addictions are the special embroidery scissors put out by Ginghers twice a year or so. I can remember a time not too long ago when I thought to myself...why would anyone need so many pairs of scissors...wouldn't that money be better spent on more patterns, for instance? Oh what a foolish thought that was! Once I gave in and bought my first pair (I think they were "Sarah"...because that's my daughter's name...isn't that a good reason????), I was hooked! I do use my scissors...and switch them out from time to time. But mostly I just crave them and love to look at my little collection. And no...I do not plan on stopping this addiction any time soon! So here is the beautiful Alicia...if you look closely you can see the peacock feathers in the design...along with the lovely fob that Sue made for me. I think it's perfect for these lovelies.

And I also had a wonderful surprise in yesterday's mail. There was a sale at The Gift of Stitching shop awhile back and I ordered these three adorable thread winders. I don't really use thread winders (at least I haven't up 'till now), but they were so cute I couldn't resist (do I sense a pattern here???). So here they are...and I am really pleased with them. It's kind of hard to tell in the photo, but the lighter green one has a mermaid design etched in, and the cross has many Celtic designs. I love them!

I had plans to do lots of stitching this week, but every night I have been more tired than the one before. This week seems to be dragging on...maybe because we are having a long weekend coming up and we are all anticipating it...I'm not sure. I did stitch Part 2 of Carol's SAL, but I decided not to post photos of it here until it is done. Carol is posting progress photos on her blog though, so please take a look at everyone's lovely stitching.

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