Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dec 31 - Happy New Year!

Well I can't believe another year has flown by! I hope that all my blog readers have a very happy and safe new year's eve and a 2010 that is filled with happiness, health and many blessings...and as much stitching time as you desire!

I haven't decided whether to make too many stitching goals this year...I think my main goal will be to try and stitch every day and to enjoy every stitch I make.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for all your comments. It is always a joy to read them. And thank you too for sharing your blogs with me. I am amazed every day by all your talent and I love reading what you all have to say.
Here's to many more days of sharing and friendship...happy new year!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

dec 24 - Merry Christmas!

I just want to wish everyone a very happy Christmas. I hope you are all safe and warm and cozy wherever you are, and that you are able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends. Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and for leaving comments when you can. I am very grateful for each and every one of you.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

dec 19 - another wonderful giveaway

Please stop by Micki's blog...she is having a wonderful Irish Christmas Giveaway.
And you can listen to some wonderful Carole King music while you're at it!

thanks for visiting!

dec 19 - only six more days

It's less than a week until Christmas and I am still not really ready. I know that all will be well whether I am ready or not though!

I wanted to share photos of two recent exchanges that I received. The first is a beautiful potholder stitched by Maria for the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange. I have never received a finish like this and it is just lovely. The design is from one of the "Two by Two" patterns.

These adorable squares arrived today from Milly for Round 16 of Fair & Squares. I love Lizzie Kate designs, and the colors are so vibrant. You would now believe how perfect her backs are as do you do that Milly? Amazing! I love these and might just finish them in a cube for this Christmas.

Thanks again to Maria and Milly...and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dec 16 - last TUSAL of 2009

This is the last New Moon of the year which means the last Totally Useless SAL posting of 2009.

It's been fun seeing everyone's cool containers filling up all year. There will be another SAL in 2010 if anyone wants to join up. I have another identical container, so I think I will use that and see if it fills up any faster this time!

Thanks for visiting.

Monday, December 14, 2009

dec 14 - some great giveaways

Here are some great giveaways for you to check out:

Patti is offering this adorable stitched pillow:

And Karyn has this giveaway at her blog:

Please pay a visit to these great blogs today!

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dec 16 - some stuff to share

I'm sorry...I know I have been very bad about blogging these last several weeks. Time just keeps getting away from me. We were on vacation from work last week...stayed home and relaxed, which was very much needed. We put up our Christmas tree and got the house decorated. Did a little bit of shopping and some cards. I still have some stuff to do though. I've decided not to get too stressed out about anything this year. It all seems to work out in the end no matter what anyway!

I did manage to get some stitching done as well. And I have two finishes to share! One is "Alla Turca" by Pelin Tezer.

This was a mystery SAL design with the Stitcher's Heaven yahoo group. I stitched it on a mushroom evenweave using Carrie's "Banana Split" thread. I was very good about keeping up with this one and then almost to the end I ran out of thread! Ugh...don't you hate when that happens? Anyway I got some more but when it came I was busy with other stuff and out this piece aside. But I got it out this week to finish and I love the way it tuned out. The thread color is a mixture of so many of my favorite shades and I really like it.

The second big piece that got finished this week is my "Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler"!

This was also done along with a SAL group...thanks so much to Hazel for organizing this! I stitched mine on bay rum jobelan using Carrie's thread in "Koala Claw" and the bit of accent color is from The Dye is Cast - "Strawberry Cream". I had hoped to finish this one by the end of the year and am so happy that I did.I don't think I would have finished either piece if I hadn't been spurred on by everyone's encouragement in the SALs. Sorry...the photos don't really show the true colors, but you can get the idea!

Thanks for visiting!

dec 16 - some stuff to share part two

I have been very lucky to have received some wonderful ornaments this season.

This first one was stitched by Julie for an exchange with a yahoo group I am in. It is a reindeer design from The Workbasket. I love Quaker designs and this is one I had actually stitched for someone else but never got around to stitching for myself. I love the little bell she attached around his neck!

The next ornament was sent by Andrea. I was lucky enough to win one of her giveaways this season. This design is from Glory Bee and since I collect snowmen it was a perfect choice!

This ornament has been a really popular one. It is a Prairie Schooler design that was featured in the November issue of The Gift of Stitching. I have seen it stitched on many blogs, and this is another one that I stitched and sent off in an exchange too. I love this design and Carol stitched this for me for the current round at the Christmas Ornament Swap blog. She did a beautiful job stitching this and I love her finishing with the pretty little beads all around.

This last ornament was sent by Jinger as a thank you for a pattern I had sent her some time ago. It is a Lizzie Kate design and is so cute.

Thanks again to you all for these lovely ornaments! I have a small tree filled with stitched ornies and these have all been added and look so festive.

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

dec 1 - already????

Like so many others, I am amazed that it is December already. And I sit here with nothing ready for Christmas and no ideas either! Well, maybe one or two ideas but that's it!

Hubby and I spent several hours in the emergency room last night. He was having trouble breathing and had a bit of pressure in his chest. Of course, he just wanted to take a nap! But they did lots of tests and blood work at the hospital and everything checked out fine. He's going to see his regular doctor today and taking a couple of days off. We both think this has plenty to do with stress...he's taking on some things at work that are very stressful and I think he just has to slow down some. He thinks going to the ER was a waste of time, but at our age you can't be too careful!

It looks like my older daughter and her husband are splitting up. They have a very complicated relationship...they are really very good friends, but he is a very unemotional person...never talks or opens up about important things...thinks everything is always "just fine"...and she is totally the opposite...very emotional and sensitive to things...she needs someone who can show their emotions. We'll see what happens...So much for me thinking this coming year was going to be a calm and peaceful one!

On the stitching front, some of my little packages are reaching their new homes.

This is an ornament I stitched for Ruth as part of an exchange on the Friendly Stitchers yahoo group. It is "Winter Greens" by Little House Needleworks, stitched over one on 25ct evenweave with different GAST, Crescent Colours and Carrie's Threads. It's hard to see the lighter green color in the picture but it does show up well in real life! There are a few gold beads on there as well.

This ornament was stitched for Julie for another exchange with our Stitching Buddies group. She loves samplers, so I chose this design by The Workbasket. I think it was from the 2001 or 2002 JCS Ornament issue. It has lots of little cranberry and gold beads as well.

Finally, this is the square I stitched for Milly in Round 16 of the Fair & Square exchange. She loves Little House designs and I was afraid that she might have already stitched this for herself, but she hadn't, so I lucked out! It is the little companion piece to one of the "Dear Diary" designs - Lucy Fairchild. There was also a name square sent, but I don't have a picture of that one!

Well, I'm off to buy some DVDs for the library. Thanks for visiting!

nov 30 - another year older

Yesterday was my birthday...another year gone by so quickly. It was a good year though...lots of changes, both at home and at work. And lots of good times. Hopefully the coming year will be full of good times as well!
I was lucky enough to have 5 days off for the Thanksgiving holiday. My daughter was here from Boston, and we got to spend time with her and her sister and our grandson as well. And I even got a little bit of stitching time in there!

This is an extremely bad scan of my progress on Beatrix Potter this month. My camera did not want to play nice this morning! Anyway, I got three large and two small motifs finished (one of the small ones is hiding to the left). I have 5 more motifs to stitch and then she will be finished.

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