Thursday, February 25, 2010

february 25 - another crazy week

This seems to be the story of my crazy busy week after another. Last week, my sister and niece came to visit from New Jersey for a long weekend. February is not the best month of the year to come to Oregon, but the weather was absolutely perfect the entire time they were here! We drove over to the Coast one day, and up to Mount Hood another day. They got to spend lots of time with Asher too...which was the real reason they were here! We had a great time.

This week we are interviewing for a new City Manager, and I was volunteered to drive one of the candidates around, so that is what I have been doing for the past two days. I don't live in the city in which I work, so I was very proud of myself that I didn't get him lost! Of course I also got to hear all five candidates' speeches numerous times...I think I could probably give one or two of them myself by now! Hopefully, the Commission will make a decision soon and we will have a new manager before the old one leaves at the end of the month.

And today is my baby's birthday...though I guess she's not a baby anymore...she's 28 with a baby of her own! Happy birthday sweetie!

Even though I have been really tired....I stitched this week! Yea for me! The last time I picked up a needle was Super Bowl Sunday...even my hubby was shocked! I had an ornament to stitch for an exchange that was to be mailed on March 1 so I had a real incentive. I'll get it in the mail today, and will share a picture once the recipient receives it. I also started a new round robin for our Quaker Round Robin group. This time we are stitching "Hunt Sampler" by Homespun Samplar. I only made a tiny start so I didn't take a picture but I will this weekend. It just feels so good to be stitching again!

I also received two wonderful exchanges this past week. The first is from Gabi in Germany. We are in a pin pillow exchange that Becky organized and Gabi stitched me this beautiful biscornu.

The second piece I received was from Jill. I was chosen to be a recipient of a PIF from Jill and she sent me this gorgeous pin is the Heart and Home Sampler from Little House Needleworks and the little basket of fruit on the lower corner is all done in beads.

Thank you again to Gabi and Jill for sharing your beautiful stitching with me!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

february 23 - a simple woman's daybook

for today....february 23

outside my is raining
from my kitchen....meatball parm sandwiches...yum
i am thinking....that I need a hot bath
i am wearing....teal
i am reading...."why my third husband will be a dog"
i am looking forward to....the weekend
i am hoping....for a good night's sleep
i am hearing...the sounds of the Olympics

a photo to share....the majesty of Multnomah Falls

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

february 17 -long time gone

I have not been keeping up with this blog like I is all going along with the stitching funk I have been in...I don't know what's wrong but I just can't seem to get myself going. Anyway, I do have a few things to share...

We (well, actually my DH) decided it was time to get rid of our old carpet. This had to do with two things...the carpet is getting pretty's light colored, and with 4 furbabies running around, plus 2 humans...well you get the idea...also, my sister and niece are coming to visit for a few day..tonight actually. My sister has never seen our house (she lives 3000 miles away) and DH loves to make a good impression! So...we had wood floors put in. I must say that I really do love them and I'm glad we did it...I just don't know about the timing!


and after:

I have also received some fun goodies in the mail over the past few weeks:

this adorable stitched block from Petra...this was for the block SAL with the Stitcher's Timeout group...the colors are so much brighter in person

this wonderful ornament stitched by Carol...

my Valentine's Day sock exchange from Rita....

and this adorable kitty pin cushion from Pauline....

Thanks again to all of you!

So the last time I stitched was on Super Bowl Sunday...I didn't get much done because I was too busy watching the game and cheering on the Saints. But here is my small start on Tea with Jane Austen from The Sampler Girl.

And finally, my very late TUSAL update. Not much added this month...again! I think maybe I'll look for a new container to inspire me!

And finally finally...even thought I only have one sister...and we haven't seen each other in almost 2 is the real reason they are making the little Thomas the Tank Engine fan..."toot toot"!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

february 16 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...february 16

outside my window...the sun is shining and it is warm
i am thinking...about all the Olympians in Vancouver
i am thankful warm & cozy bed
i am wearing...birkenstocks
i am the state of the city luncheon
i am reading..."the cinderella deal"
i am looking forward to...a visit from my sister and niece this week
one of my favorite towel warmer
a photo to share...the beautiful hanging flower sculpture at the Chinese fair this weekend

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

feb 9 - simple woman's daybook

for today...february 9

outside my window....there is very dense fog
i am thinking....about our "food for thought" program tomorrow evening
i am thankful husband
i am
i am reading...."The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie"
I am hoping....for a quiet and peaceful day
I am hearing....the hum of my little space heater
from the kitchen...a hot cup of peppermint tea
around the house...i am loving our new wood floors
a thought for today...."I drink tea and forget the world's noises"...a Chinese proverb
one of my favorite socks
a photo to share....

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Thursday, February 4, 2010

february 4 - playing catch-up

January has come and gone and February has arrived and I've barely had time to notice! These past weeks have been crazy busy. Last week our library celebrated its 100th anniversary! The first reading rooms are actually older than that, but it was 100 years ago that the City began supporting a real library with money from the City fund. So we decided to celebrate! We had a birthday party of sorts on Monday and various events throughout the, children's programs, a poetry event. And we gave out some gifts as well...along with a $5 birthday card that patrons can use for fines or rentals we had these goodies:

a pad and pen to remind people of the most important stop on their shopping list...

a magnet sheet filled with lots of words associated with our library and libraries in general...

a 2-sided bookmark listing all of the library's librarians from 1909 to the present (if you look closely you can find my name! This was our yummy cake:

This week has been just one meeting after another. Not my favorite thing to do! And at night we've been busy clearing stuff out of the cabinets in preparation for having new floors put in today. The guys coming will move the furniture but not what's inside...and lord knows I have tons of little "things" everywhere! So I have been pretty pooped all week!

I think it was almost two weeks ago since I actually sat down and stitched anything! I started "The Gilded Cage" from Carriage House Samplings. This is how it looks right now....not much done, but it's a start!

I have high hopes for a stitchy weekend...and since I will be practically glued to my chair once the Olympics start, hopefully there will be more stitches stitched in February than there were in January!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

feb 2 - simple woman's daybook

for today....february 2, 2010

Outside my is still dark
I am thinking....about a very busy day ahead
I am thankful memories
I am wearing....the same thing I was wearing last week
I am creating....little Valentine treats
I am reading....Grave Secrets
I am hoping....for a solution to our library's problems
I am hearing....silence
Around the floors are coming soon
I am grandmother
One of my favorite things....Dove milk chocolates
Sharing this photo....our library's 100th birthday celebration cake

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