Wednesday, March 28, 2012

march 28 - spring? really????

Well...after a nasty cold week, and two beautiful spring days, we are now back to cold and rain...and my old bones are feeling it! I want spring, and I want it now! No patience left for this nasty weather!

Stitching has really been hit and miss lately. I finished up stitching an Easter exchange, but I haven't heard if it has been received yet, so photos will have to wait. I'm also still working on stitching up three PIFs that are supposed to go out by the end of the month...hmmmm...I'm afraid they might be a tad late! But no photos there either.

I stitched up my ornament for March. Two groups that I belong to are having a year long ornament SAL and I'm trying hard to stay on track. This is another small design from the Folk Art Samplings leaflet from The Cricket Collection. I guess it is called least that's what I am calling it! The fabric on the bottom is the backing fabric.