Friday, July 19, 2013

We have been enjoying some warmer temperatures here...not unbearably hot like in some places...and since we don't have much humidity, it's been really nice...and the evenings are wonderful. I'm so glad the weekend is upon us, so we can really relax and enjoy.

I managed to get some stitching done this week. I stitched up the last two blocks for our Stitchers' Timeout block exchange. The themes were Halloween and Snowmen, and here are scans of my efforts.
This is Scaredy Cats from Val's Stuff

and this is Snowmen also from Val's Stuff

There has been some family stress oldest daughter has applied for a new position and is waiting to hear about that., and my youngest has not been feeling well and is starting to imagine all sorts of things are wrong with her. She is trying to get new insurance so that she can get to a doctor and find out what is really happening. So any good thoughts or prayers you can spare would be much appreciated. I (of course) tend to worry myself sick over this kind of thing...but I guess that's just what moms do!

Work moves along. We had some people in to do some  geo-testing to see what is really under all that grass behind our building and how costly it may be to dig into whatever it is. They weren't here as long as planned though, so maybe that's good news! Also, we have had a horrible odor off and on in this building for the past two and a half years. It comes and goes, but we haven't been able to figure out the cause. We have had all sorts of tests done, but no answers. This week we had another person come in and take samples and stuff. I'm calling her the "smell whisperer"...I only hope they are able to find out what it is. Our patrons come in from the fresh air outside and gasp. Everyone has heir own ideas of what it could don't even want to hear the suggestions! Anyway, I hope something positive comes from all this testing.

Before I go, I wanted to share a photo of these beautiful flowers that my dear hubby sent to me at work the other day...just because he knew I have been trying to deal with a lot of stuff lately. He's a sweetie for sure!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planned. I am hoping to kick back and do some stitching.
Thanks so much for taking the time to visit, and for your comments. I really do appreciate you all.

Friday, July 12, 2013

a late TUSAL and a bit of catching up...

I'm hoping that someone is still around reading this blog...I wouldn't blame anyone for deserting the seems I have been very negligent with my posting, but a few big things have passed, so hopefully I'll be more present in the future! I must warn you that there are quite a few photos (they've been sitting here since Monday, but...) this time, so I hope you'll stick with me!

First up is this month's TUSAL. I did have the photo ready on time, but no time to post.

Most of these threads are from the wedding sampler I stitched for my daughter Sara and her new husband, Kevin. She picked out the pattern last summer. When I finally got around to stitching it, I couldn't find the pattern. So I bought another copy. And know what I'm about to say...yes...the original turned it's "safe" spot. By then we were way to close to the wedding, and I knew I would never finish in time. So it became a late gift, but they have it now and both of them like it, so I'm a happy mom. The design is Starfish Wedding by Ursula Michaels. I thought the blue frame was a perfect fit. Sorry for the glare...this photo is not very good.

The wedding was on June 1 in Quincy, Massachusetts. It was a wonderful wedding with lots of friends and family. Sara and Kevin planned everything and it all turned out exactly as they hoped.
Here is a pic of the happy couple...I forgot to upload a photo of Sara's had brooches mixed in...very heavy, but beautiful. Maybe I'll add a photo later!

And this is our family...Asher did a great job walking his grandma down the aisle. He didn't want to wear a tie, but looked so cute all dressed up in his tux...just like grandpa. That's his mom, my daughter Shannon, in the purple dress. If you click on this pic you can see the bouquet a bit.

And another pic of Asher at the reception. He was like a little whirling dervish...didn't stop dancing all night...until he collapsed and fell asleep shortly before we were going home!

The other big event in June was the 100th anniversary of our library building. We had events all week, culminating in a dedication ceremony and outdoor celebration on the Saturday. Lots of activities, music, fun...and cake! This is the beautiful cake that was made for us by a local bakery and we had no idea what it would look like until it was delivered. We were all speechless. And it was as delicious as it was gorgeous!

When we were in Quincy for the wedding, we stayed on a few days to babysit our fur-grandbaby, Coda. He is the most special dog. And now he has a new little brother, who is too adorable for words!
This is Coda in front, with Clarence in the back.

And finally, this is a block I just finished for a block exchange we have at Stitchers' Timeout. The theme was fruit and I stitched this Prairie Schooler pineapple.

And if you are still with me...thank you! I fear I have rambled on a bit too long for one post, but I decided to just jump in and do it this time!

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. See you next time!