Tuesday, May 3, 2011

may 3 - Sunshine and a New Moon

Another New Moon, which means another TUSAL update. I did not do as much stitching this month as I had hoped, but I still seemed to almost fill this jar. I think I will need a new one for next month.

The dogs and I had a wonderful walk in the sunshine when I got home from work...yes, you read that right...sunshine! What a treat!

I had a wonderful surprise in yesterday's mail. I am participating in the latest round of the Blackbird Designs exchange, and my exchange arrived yesterday. Catherine stitched this beautiful pillow for me. The design is For My Daughter, but she made some changes to the design. It says "spring 2011" on the left side and is filled with something that feels like crushed shells. The thread colors are all beautiful muted pastels, and Catherine even added some pins to the pillow. This photo does not do it justice...trust me...it is perfectly stitched and I just love it. Thanks again Catherine for a wonderful exchange!

Well, I think I will go back outside and enjoy some more of this sunshine before it gets too late! Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!