Friday, December 31, 2010

december 31 - some blog housekeeping

It's the last day of the year, so I guess it's a good time to take stock of what has gone on for the past twelve months! This has been a crazy and busy year and I am looking forward to some quieter and calmer days ahead, at least I hope so! 

When I look at my sidebars, I see that I have done quite a bit of reading this year...and not so much stitching. I did actually complete more pieces than are show...some ornies, and a few other small exchanges, but nothing really major this year. There just didn't seem to be that much time for stitching in my life this year.

But I, like so many of you,have embarked on not one, but two crazy challenges for 2011...starting and finishing 15 new projects and finishing an additional 15 UFOs/WIPs. Are we all crazy? Undoubtedly yes! But the journey will be fun.
Thanks to Annette's help, I placed some tabs at the top of this blog, and I have listed the projects I plan to do there. Of course,because I am so compulsive (I guess) there are more than 15 on each list.Maybe I am just optimistic, ,more likely, I am just nuts! 

Unfortunately, I am also starting out the new year with a chest and sinus infection...but I did go to the doctor's this morning and after taking some meds and sleeping most of the day I am finally starting to feel a little bit better.
Jeff and I just got back from a lovely dinner out. We always go for Chinese food on New Year's Eve and it was delicious. Plus, we have lunch for tomorrow!
So I'm off to get my project ready for tomorrow. I'll try to post progress pics each least for the new starts. I am really excited to watch everyone's progress on all the new projects.

Thank you all so much for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I have spent the past couple days at work finding lots of new blogs to visit (I know...I should have been working, but it's the holidays!) and I hope to have time to continue to visit with all of you.

I wish all my readers a very happy new year, filled with love, friends, family, fun, good health and peaceful times.

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tabs...can anyone help?

Hello again from the most dysfunctional blogger on the planet!
I have been seeing many of you adding tabs under your headers for new pages. This seems like a great idea and a way to get some content out of the sidebars, but I can't figure out how to do it!
I see "pages" under add a gadget, but I can't seem to move them, or be able to tell how they really work. For instance, how do you add content to your pages? 
I know you are all much more savvy than I am when it comes to this stuff, so I am hoping that maybe someone will be able to help.

Thanks so much!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Christmas...and a giveaway

I have been so neglectful of my blog and all my blogging friends lately, but I couldn't let today go by without wishing all my readers the happiest of Christmases (and the happiest of whatever other holiday you may celebrate with your families). I hope you all find love, joy, good health and peace in the coming year.

And in the spirit of sharing, I would like to have a little giveaway. The actual items will be a surprise, but there will be one item for each of the twelve days of Christmas. The drawing will be open through January 5th and I will select one winner from the holiday basket the next day (or the next, if I forget!). Anyone can enter; if you are a follower that would be nice, but it is not necessary. Please make sure to comment on this post only, and please leave a way for me to contact you if you are the winner.

Thanks again for visiting my blog...good luck...and happy Christmas!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

november 17 - finally...a winner!

I am so sorry....I have been away from the computer for most of the past week and am very late in posting this.

There were 26 guesses for my duplicate design giveaway, and half of you were right! The design I purchased twice (this time!) was "Olde Shaker Tune"...although the more I think about it, I'll bet I have an extra copy of "My Sunshine" someplace as well...and if I ever find it I'll have another giveaway!

Anyway, the winner is...Jackie! I'll email you for your address Jackie and get the pattern right out to you.

Must get to work...thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 8, 2010

november 8 - a simple woman's daybook

for today....november 8

outside my is foggy and damp
i am warm cozy bed
i am thankful unclogged nose
i am wearing...lots of brown (again!)
i am remembering...that work deadlines are coming soon
i am listening to...air whooshing through this huge vent over my desk
i am take a break & enjoy a cup of hot tea
i am currently reading...Gingerbread Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke
i am get outside and enjoy some fresh air today
i am looking forward to...a short work week
one of my favorite things...freshly baked bread
a photo to grand-puppy Coda...isn't he cute?

thanks for visiting!

november 9 - a small finish & a winner

So...I actually stitched a little this weekend! Something I realized while stitching...I am a very slow stitcher, and I also think I enjoy it more when I am that deliberate with each stitch. So often I am rushing to try and get something finished for a deadline, and I don't think I have as much fun with my stitching then.

Anyway, this little piece was stitched for a block exchange with Stitcher's Timeout. The theme is Christmas Trees, and this is an old Bent Creek design called "Happy Christmas". It is stitched on a scrap of shiny aida (there's a name for this type of aida but I can't remember what it is) with sampler and weeks threads.
Sorry the picture is a little bit crooked!

And I did remember to draw a winner for the card making supplies. The winner is Peg C! I will be emailing you for your address and will get this in the mail by the end of the week. I hope you find some things that are useful in the kits.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

november 4 - another giveaway

I was so excited to get the mail today because I knew there would be a small package from Joanne at 1-2-3 Stitch...three wonderful charts that I ordered the other day. Well...just to prove that, yes...I am getting turns out that I already have one of the charts I so happily ordered! This is not the first time that this has happened (and I'm sure it will not be the last!)...,but hopefully one of you will get something good from my mistake.

So, here are the three charts. Which is the one I already had in my stash???
Please just leave a comment on this post with your guess (if you are interested in having the chart) and I will pick a name from all the correct guesses next Thursday.

"My Sunshine"
from La-D-Da

"Olde Shaker Tune"

from Homespun Elegance

"Sachi the Elephant"
from La-D-Da

Good luck! and thanks for visiting!

Monday, November 1, 2010

november 2 - an exchange, a ? & a giveaway

Looking out the window, I see people wearing's supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow. Is this really November?

Several posts back, I posted a photo of a square I stitched for an exchange with the Stitcher's Timeout group. The theme was pumpkins. I was lucky enough to receive this adorable sqyare that Shannon stitched..."Autumn Blackbird" by Waxing Moon Designs. I think it was a freebie too!

My there any way to automatically translate blogs into English? Sometimes I will see a "translate" button on individual sites, but I was wondering if blogger has some sort of setting that will do this all the time. Does anyone know?

November is my birthday month, and this year is one of those big "0" birthdays, so I thought I would have a few little giveaways throughout the month to celebrate. This first one is for anyone who is into card making. I used to have a co-worker who did some designing for the Cardmaker of the Month club, and she talked me into joining. But after a few shipments I realized I would probably never get around to making the cards, so I quit. Anyway, I have a couple of those kits to give away. There is card stock, and lots of embellishments, as well as instructions, included.
I know that many stitchers are also into making beautiful handmade cards, so if you are interested, please leave me a note on this post to let me know. I will leave this open until the weekend, and pick a name on Sunday.

Thanks for visiting!

november 1 - a simple woman's daybook

for today....november 1

outside my is dark and very wet
i am thinking...about having a nice hot cup of tea
i am thankful end to this horrible cold I have been suffering with
i am wearing...lots of brown
i am remembering...that the dishwasher needs to be emptied
i am listening to...the World Series celebrations
i am brave the rain and take the dogs for a walk
i am currently reading...Paper Thin Alibi by Mary Ellen Hughes
i am get some stitching done this week
i am looking forward to...seeing my grandson this weekend
one of my favorite things...chicken udon soup
a photo to share...the original Batmobile...very cool!

thanks for visiting!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

october 31 - october round-up

Happy Halloween!

I can't believe this month is over...mine has been pretty much a blur. My daughter came to visit from Boston on the 6th. We had a really wonderful visit, and she got lots of time to spend with my grandson, which she loved. Then she went home and the month just went downhill from there! I got a bad head cold and it has just hung on all month. I finally went to the doctor last week - my boss literally threw me out and told me to go home! - and I think it is finally starting to clear up now. I've taken the meds, used my Neti pot, done everything I'm supposed to.The doctor said I had very bad congestion and a sinus infection. I'm still a bit stuffy and so tired...I have literally spent most of the past three weekends sleeping! Hopefully November will bring healthier times!

It is actually a beautiful day today...crisp and clear, no rain. Temps are supposed to hit 70 mid-week. Usually Halloween is very rainy here, so this is a nice change.
I have not been stitching at all, but must get busy soon as I have several exchanges to get ready in the coming weeks. I have spent some time reading in between is safer to fall asleep with a book in hand then a me, I've done both! I've read some fun additions to some of my favorite series...they are listed in the sidebar on the left.

I've also been catching up on some blog reading...I am continually in awe of the wonderful projects all of you are completing. My wish list just keeps getting longer! Maybe I'll have some finishes to share soon too!

So, until next time...thanks for visiting!

Monday, October 4, 2010

october 4 - a simple woman's daybook

for today....october 4

outside my cubby still doesn't have a window :(
i am thinking...about a friend who has had too much sadness in her life lately
i am thankful for...a wonderful husband who made it home safely after a long trip
i am wearing...a bright pink sweater
i am remembering...trips to Radio City Music Hall with my grandma
i am listening to...the loud, steady hum of air blowing through the vents
i am going...for a walk soon
i am currently reading...Fiber & Brimstone by Laura Childs
i am hoping...for dry weather all week
i am looking forward daughter's visit
one of my favorite things...autumn in the Pacific Northwest

thanks for visiting!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

october 2 - saturday - short & sweet

Today was a beautiful fall day here in the Pacific Northwest...temps a little cooler, humidity gone, leaves starting to was so quiet early this morning when I was out with the dogs. Quiet, crisp and beautiful!

Hubby is home, safe & sound. I got to the airport just in time...his plane was actually 1/2 hour early! He's still not feeling great, which worries me, but I think once we get a handle on the diet and meds, he'll be feeling much better.

I'm almost through Season 3 of "The Closer", finished "Wicked Appetite" by Janet Evanovich and ready to start something new. Must admit, I was a little bummed that no-one signed up for my PIF, but I'll try again some other time.

Don't forget the "31 Days of Halloween"...and thanks for visiting!

Friday, October 1, 2010

october 1 - some fun giveaways

There are some really fun giveaways going on right now in blogland.

Now that it is October, you can join in on Missy Ann & Annette's 31 Days of Halloween. Just click the picture at the top of my right sidebar for more info.

Then scroll down a bit and check out the other great blogs and giveaways listed.

Have fun! and thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

sept. 29 - and so it goes

Well...hubby has been gone for 4 days now, and as they say...the best laid plans...

I did tear my closet apart, but half the stuff is still all over my bed (which is why i have been sleeping my 2-4 hours a night on the couch. I have made myself so tired by not sleeping that I haven't got much energy to do anything but walk the dogs and sit glued to the tv. My daughter got me hooked on "The Closer" but I have five seasons to catch up on, so that is what I have been doing. I'm halfway through Season 2. Normally I would be stitching while watching, but for some reason I just don't have the energy, so not one x has been crossed so far this week. I did get a package from "Stitches n Things" with my order from the Labor Day sale...some wonderful Blackbird Designs patterns and several others. I'll take a photo later if I can find my camera under all the mess in my room. I am determined to get the rest of the clothes put away or bagged up for Goodwill tonight.

I haven't even been checking emails or blogs because hubby took my little laptop with him, but I did have a few minutes this morning here at work, and when I checked Patti's blog I realized that I was one of the people chosen for her PIF. I am really excited about this, and in the spirit of paying it forward, I am offering to do the same here. I participated in one of these once before, and I must admit that I was a little late sending out one of my PIFs (due to a very stressful situation here at work and my total lack of memory), but I have since begun writing everything important (and what is more important than stitching?) in my datebook, so that won't happen again. So if you want to take a chance...

Here's how it works - the idea is that 3 of you join my "Pay it Forward" and then I will send a handmade gift (made with love!!!) to each one of my THREE participants within the next 365 days! Each of those 3 people must also agree to host a PIF on their blogs and ask for 3 people to join their PIF's - To Pay It Forward - and so on and so on and so on. So, this is me, asking for 3 people to join my PIF. Please leave a comment on this post if you are interested. If more than 3 stitchers comment, I will take those names and draw three. So...if you are interested, please post here. It's Wednesday, so I will check back on Friday, October 1 and see what happens.

Thanks for visiting!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

sept 23 - short and sweet

I'm trying to get some things taken care of at work before I take off to get my hair colored...a long overdue appointment, I might add. That little skunk streak just keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Anyway, not much stitching has been going on. That seems to be my theme for this whole year and I must admit that I am getting really tired of it. I just don't seem to have the mojo lately. I know it will come back, but in the meantime I feel a bit like a slug!

This little piece is "Blessings" from Heart in Hand. It was stitched on a piece of melon evenweave with the called for threads. We have a bi-monthly block exchange at Stitchers Timeout and this month's theme was pumpkins. I think this is the first block I've stitched for the exchange this whole year. December is "trees" and I already have a design picked out.

And these are the newest scissors I've added to my collection..."Sonia". They are reddish with little flowers and really quite pretty.

I have worked a little bit more on "Acorn Autumn" but I don't have a picture to show.

My hubby will be going away for a conference on Saturday and will be gone a week. Last time he did this I had great plans to stitch all week, and ended up tearing apart my craft room instead. This week, I have to clean out my closet, but then I think I am going to try and finish up a couple of these little projects that have been hanging around forever! My LNS is having it's annual "open house" in a few weeks and they will have lots of the new market pieces. I am really ambivalent about going this year though. There are many designs that I really would love to stitch, but I also know that I won't have the time to stitch them in the near future. Maybe I should just make a list....Besides I just got an email that an order I placed over Labor Day is being shipped today...I am ashamed to say that I don't even remember what I ordered (but I know they were all things I really wanted!) I think there is a pattern here but I refuse to admit to it!

Anyway, I hope to have some more progress to show soon! Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sept 5 - Surprises, Stash, Saturday & a SAL

Once again I have had a month go by without blogging. The scary part is that I don't have a clue where that time went! So a bit of catching up seems to be in order.

Saturday was the start of a lovely long weekend, with really no special plans. We spent most of it at the annual "Art in the Pearl" exhibit in Portland. There were many wonderful artists and pieces to see, but most (if not all) were way out of our price range. Sometimes I wonder how these artists make a living...their work is beautiful, and I understand the time that goes into everything, but how many people can afford it? I guess more than I think, because they come back year after year and the galleries are always full. There was also music, and we spent a lot of time enjoying some cajun/zydeco tunes. And the weather was gorgeous, so it was a great day!

Last week, I had two surprises, one good and one, no so good. The good one was a RAK at the coffee shop...the gentleman in front of me paid for my morning chai What a lovely surprise! I have heard of this happening to others, but it never had to me. There was no-one behind me, so I will have to pay that one forward another day. The not-so-good surprise? There was a roof leak in the building where we are storing most of our library books. Luckily, there was a custodian in the building at the time and he heard something and went to investigate. What he heard was the roof giving way. They are doing construction to replace the existing roof and I guess the roofers didn't anticipate the rain (in the Pacific Northwest...are you kidding me?) Anyway, had it not been for him, the damage would have been much worse. He was able to gather the troops and get some things moved. We've been over twice and will be going back again this week to keep going through everything and really surveying the damage.

I have been trying to be good about not buying too much new stash, but when I saw this on sale I just had to have it. This collection by The Goode Huswife contains the "Ellen Birdseye" design that I have been wanting forever!

And then, yesterday at JoAnne's I found the new Gingher scissors - "Ella". They look a bit more mod and I really like them. Here is a closer look.

Unfortunately,(or fortunately, depending on how you look at it!), I also did some damage at the Labor Day online sales last night as well! I'll post everything I bought when it arrives, because to be honest, I don't even remember what all I ordered! Once I got going, it was hard to stop!

Finally, last weekend we had an Autumn/Halloween SAL with the Stitchers Timeout group. Asher was here last weekend, so I knew I wouldn't get much done. But after he left I started filling in the acorn. I didn't have the called for Silk n Colors, but I did have another Autumn shade so I started with that. But about five rows in I decided there was really too much purple in it, so I took it all out. The I found a cotton thread that I received in an exchange and I thought it would be perfect...again Autumn shades. I used two threads, but after looking at it this morning I decided it was too bulky and the colors looked way more vibrant that I wanted them to. So out it all came again (but this timer I was about 12 rows in). So now I am trying it with this same thread, but only one strand, and I like it much better. I think. For now. We'll see. Anyway, this is where I was before the acorn frogging the first time. It is "Acorn Autumn" by Cross-Eyed Cricket designs.

Back to stitching! I hope everyone is enjoying a fabulous weekend.
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, August 6, 2010

august 6 - starts & finishes

I haven't been stitching as much as I'd like, but I do have a few things to share.

These are two Lizzie Kate designs that I finished into pin pillows -- both for stitching friends. The first is "Prayer Connection", stitched over one on 25 ct. evenweave with DMC variegated threads.

This one is an old freebie called "Freedom". Since it was a summer exchange going to the UK, I changed it to say "summer". It is stitched on a piece of "water lily" jobelan with the called for threads (mostly). I substituted an anchor thread for the gold color.

I also stitched two "doodles", but I can't show them as they are part of a surprise gift.

This is "This Too Shall Pass" by My Big Toe Designs, stitched on a piece of peach colored linen with Valdani floss. I received both the fabric and the floss in this years "Calendar Girls" exchange on Friendly Stitchers. I had never used that type of floss before and it was really nice to work with and the colors are beautiful. The piece is finished as a no-sew cube.

This second no-sew cube is "Marion the Librarian" from La-D-Da, stitched on natural fiddler's cloth using the called for threads. I stitched this one years ago, but it has been languishing in a box with other stitched, bit not finished pieces. I finally have a place to put it in my office/cubby at the library, so it has been saved!

"The Hunt" by Homespun Samplar is the round robin that my Quaker round robin group is doing this time. This is not my piece, but I love the three different blues that Jinger chose.

I was much more boring and stuck to just one color, but I think all three pieces will look great. I haven't seen Clare's piece yet but I stitch on that one next.

I also stitched Lizzie Kate's "Friendship Grows" for a challenge on the Lizzie Kate Lovers blog, but I can't show that until the challenge is over.


But my startitis has not subsided, and here a few pieces I have recently started...all in various degrees of "startedness" (huh??)

"Love Lives Here" from Erynne's Red House Designs:

"With My Needle" from PrimitiveBettys Designs:

"Flying Monkeys" from Glory Bee Designs

"Green Flips" from Lizzie Kate Designs (this is a SAL that I started way late):

"Tea with Jane Austen" from the Sampler Girl:

Whew! It looks like I have my work cut out for me!

Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

august 5 - Grandma Bragging

It's hard to believe that Asher is two years old!

Last Friday, we took him to the County fair and he had a blast. It's a real county fair --more animals than carny rides--and he had so much fun running through the different barns & recognizing all the animals. Of course, he's never heard a cow moo quite so loudly before! There was a play area and a sandbox type thing filled with corn...he really loved playing around ion that. Most of the children were his age and they were having a ball. There were a couple of older kids and the little ones had fun burying them in the corn kernels!

So grandma went a bit overboard with the Thomas toys, but he is crazy about those little trains! He seems to always have one (or more) in his hands & the first thing he says when he wakes up is "toot toot" (translated..."where are my trains?")

Happy birthday, sweetie. Two is going to be lots of fun!

Thanks for visiting!

august 4 - getting back to "normal"

We're finally getting settled in at the new/old library. It's such a beautiful building, but just so small. We only have about 20% of our collection here...the rest is all in storage until the next move. It breaks my heart! We do have Wi-Fi though which is why I can be posting this now!

So many of our patrons have such wonderful memories of the last time the library was housed here in the Carnegie. We've got some wonderful old photos that we had framed and will be putting up soon. We're hoping to do some kind of historical project so people can share their memories.

It just feels like I am busier than ever, but that's ok.

We have a vacation week coming up toward the end of the month, and we're looking forward to that. We were going to take a road trip but my husband has a broken rib, so I think we'll stick closer to home this time. We can just relax and maybe take a couple of day trips to the coast instead. Maybe even get some stitching done!

I'm thinking again (always a dangerous thing!) about starting a rotation for my projects (again). Since we've moved the library, I go in to work later (8:30 instead of 6 am)...which means I can stay up later, assuming I don't fall asleep on the couch! So I should be able to get at least a few stitches in every day (at least in theory!)

I'm wondering how many of you have some kind of rotation -- or plan -- for your stitching time. It seems like I'm always making lists of what I want to do when, but then something usually comes up and the best laid plans & all that.....So I'm thinking, maybe work on one project for each day of the's not like I don't have enough different projects to choose from!

Must think on this one....

Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

july 11 - some fabulous giveaways

I've been trying to catch up on blog reading, and have come across some wonderful giveaways! Please check out the links in my sidebar (on the right)...these are all great blogs to read...enjoy!

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Friday, July 2, 2010

july 2 - just do it!

I can't believe it has been over a month since I last posted on this blog! Well, I guess I can believe it actually, because life has been one frantic whirligig for the past couple of months...but, the library is in its new location, and we are slowly getting things together here. I finally got a lamp today, so now I can actually see what I am supposed to be doing! Right now I am waiting for our book return to be delivered...I hope it comes today! We're using an old voter's mailbox thingy right now! I haven't even had a chance to check email here at work since we moved in...and our computer at home had to be sent in for just kept turning itself on and off for no apparent reason! But we are getting it back tomorrow, so I am happy about that. All my pictures are on there!

I do have some things to share, but they will have to wait for another day. I have been stitching very seldom, but managed to get a couple of small things finished. Right now I am working on a special surprise project, so I can't share about that yet.

I am looking forward to the next three days off, and hoping to just relax and do lots of nothing (except stitch and read). The weather is supposed to be beautiful too...I am almost feeling giddy about it all!

So why did I post at all? I just wanted to check in and say hi to everyone! I hope you all enjoy your weekend!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 31, 2010

May 31 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 31

outside my window...the sun is shining!
i am hearing...the sound of the clothes dryer going round and round
i am reading...The Double Comfort Safari Club
i am creating...a small stitched piece for my new office space
i am grateful...for all of our service men and women on this Memorial Day
i am thankful...that my great uncle got to go to Washington DC this month for a celebration of the men and women who served in WWII
in the kitchen...pork chops and pasta for dinner
some plans for the week...more packing boxes and hauling out garbage
a photo to share...the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC

I hope you'll find time to read some other people's daybooks here.
Thanks for visiting!

Friday, May 28, 2010

may 28 - our once and future library

Blogging, like nearly everything else in my life, including stitching, has taken a back seat these past several months. I thought it might be a good idea to try & explain what has been going on...I'll try to be brief, but am not making any promises!

The photo in my previous post is of a beautiful old Carnegie library. This was our library's home until 1995. At that time, the library was moved to a converted hardware store. The Carnegie was just too small & the new place was twice as big. Of course, it kind of looked like what it was, and although being larger, there were no windows and the lighting was terrible. Not a great space for a library, to say the least.

That was the same year I started working here. It was supposed to be a 5 year lease. I've been here for 15 years.

We had some really good years, funding-wise, and then about 6 years ago, the City had major budget problems & we had our budget cut to nearly zero & barely survived. The City Manager at the time did not think the library was the City's responsibility. Luckily, we had a County Library District pass a year or so ago which guarantees our operating funds. It does not guarantee a building however.

Through all these years, itr was apparent that we were outgrowing our space once again. And after years of ignoring this fact, the City Commission finally started thinking that maybe something needed to be done. But not too quickly, of course...why rush into something?

So fast forward to this year. e have a District, we have operating funds, and now we even have an in-house library director again and are our own department once more. (We have been part of parks & rec for about 8 years and I have been one of the daily managers here with an off-site director). When our director was hired, she knew that finding a new site for the library was a priority, so we sat down and mapped out a plan to do it right...step by step.

And then things started to go terribly wrong. Our landlord told us that he had plans to remodel the building (we are in one of those malls where there is a supermarket with lots of other retail spaces around it, so kind of all one big building in a way) We will have to find another space. So we speed up the search, but there are not many, if any, suitable spots for a library in this town.
We hear about an old school building that is for sale. This was actually a site we had looked at years ago in one of many of our building searches that went nowhere. So we proceed. We are assured that even if it takes some time, the store will not be remodeled that quickly and we should have a roof over our heads.

But then the landlord drops the bomb. He has decided to sell to Safeway ( a large supermarket chain), and we have to be out of the building by May 31. So now we are basically a library without a home. The school sale plods along, and finally 2 weeks ago both parties agreed to the terms. Of course the building still needs all the inspections done, the site needs to be re-zoned, and then re-modeled. This will take anywhere from 1 -2 years at best. What are we supposed to do?

Guess which building the City actually owns? Yup...the Carnegie building. The same one we left 15 years ago because it was too small...and guess what? It's even smaller now, due to some remodeling. So the past few months have been spent deleting books from our collection, having some huge book sales, finding movers, trying to figure out what materials we can take and what will have to go into's been a nightmare. And we have to be out by June 15 so now that it's getting really close it's also getting more scary.

The Carnegie is a beautiful old building and I am really looking forward to working there. I did a few story times there years ago after the library had moved out and there was a Children's Museum in the building. I just wish it wasn't so small! Our services will suffer because we won't have as many materials, and I'm the one who has to decide what we take and what we pressure there!

But the move will be over in a few weeks and we will all settle in and everything will be back to will just be a different kind of normal.

So I am really looking forward to these three days off...and if you've read this! Thanks for sticking with me!

And thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

may 18 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 18
outside my looks like rain is coming
i am hearing...the ticking of the clock
i am wearing...a sweater in spring
in the kitchen...the coffee is brewing
i am thankful...that i got to sleep in this morning, on a workday!
i am looking forward to...interviews this morning & meetings this afternoon
i am grateful...that someone has offered to take our discarded books
i am reading...9th Judgement
plans for the week...getting rid of even more accumulated junk from my office
a photo to share...our library's new (old) looks bigger in the photo!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

may 11 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 11
outside my window...the sun is peeking through the clouds
i am thinking good it feels to be home
i am wearing...purple
in the kitchen...there's nothing cooking
i am grateful ...for my family, near & far
i am hearing...dogs barking
i am wishing...that i could find two lost books
i am looking forward uncluttered office space
i am reading...Miss Julia Renews Her Vows
i am creating...a little something for a friend
plans for the week...weeding our library's collection some more
one of my favorite grandson's laughter
a photo to share...

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Sunday, May 9, 2010

may 9 - happy mother's day

I hope all the mother's and grandmothers had a wonderful day today. I was lucky enough to have my grandson and daughter here. He is such a delight...and changes so much each time I see him.

I have been woefully neglectful of my blog and my groups for so many months. Things at work have been crazy, but that's fodder for another post! My stitching has been neglected too...but I did finish an ornament exchange and a round robin this week. After these I have one more ornament exchange and another round robin and then I can concentrate on my many already started pieces and maybe finish some!

This is the ornament I stitched for Julianne for Becky's ornament exchange group. It is the 2005 ornament by Blackbird Designs from the JCS ornie issue...Home for Christmas. It is stitched on a piece of antique white linen with Carrie's silk threads in Masquerade and Sage Grass. I love Carrie's Threads but hadn't used her silks before. They are wonderful to work with.

This round robin is one from Ally's group and it belongs to Karen. Her theme was welcome and "home" so thought this bit of LHN's Home of a Needleworker would be perfect. It fit at the very bottom of a long piece of fabric. I used various DMC variegated threads for the stitching.

So now I'm off to watch "Celebrity Apprentice"...don't ask me why. I am not one who likes reality tv (except for Project Runway), but we watched this one Sunday quite a few weeks ago and just got sucked in! I think it's almost over though...maybe a few more weeks.

Until next time, mahalo for visiting and for all your wonderful comments.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 4 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 4

outside my is still dark
i am hearing....the ticking of the clock
i am wearing....warm clothes in May
in the kitchen...bread is toasting
i am grateful...that my hubby is willing to color my hair for me
i am thinking much packing is left to do at work
i am creating... some stitching for a friend
i am looking forward to...the light at the end of the tunnel
i am reading...The Aloha Quilt
i am wishing...that i could crawl back into bed
one of my favorite things...
a happy child
a photo to new grand furbaby

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

april 20 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...april 20
outside my window...the sun is trying to peek through
i am thinking...that it's high time i got my stitching mojo back
i am thankful...that we had a wonderfully relaxing week and got home safely
from the kitchen...leftover pasta, shrimp, mushrooms & sundried tomatoes
i am wearing...capris & paisley
i am reading...The Spellmans Strike Again
i am hearing...lots of background library noise
a few plans for the rest of the week...trying to get my office cleaned out
i am hoping...for a quiet evening
one of my favorite things...nutella on toast
a photo to of my kitties, Jack, helping me stitch

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

april 13 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...april 13

outside my window...there is an airplane waiting for us to board it
i am hearing....lots of announcements
i am wearing...comfy traveling clothes
i am thankful...that we got through security painlessly
i am missing...our doggies already
i am thinking about...yesterday's fun at Safeco Field
i am reading...The Tale of Appleback Orchard
i am hoping...for an uneventful flight
a few plans for the rest of the week...lots of warm sunshine, beaches & relaxation
i am grateful...for my hubby, sleeping next to me on a chair, who was smart enough to know we needed a real vacation

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

april 7 - a request if you're interested....

And maybe a surprise!

I tried to do this quite some time ago when I first started blogging,but I didn't get any response. Now I've seen something similar on two other blogs that I love so I'm going to try again.

There have been many times when I have come across a pattern from someone's wish list or a little trinket or stitchy surprise and I've thought that it would be fun for a certain someone...only problem is that I never seem to have any addresses. I do have some from groups or exchanges, but not often for blogging friends.

So, if you feel comfortable sharing your address with me, please send it in an email ( with "friend" in the subject.I promise not to share your information with anyone, unless I check with you first. If you could also include your blog address or email, and maybe a link to your wish list or something that you might especially like.

Now that I'm reading this it sounds like I'm asking for an awful lot...I don't mean to! I completely understand if you don't want to do this, but I just thought I'd throw it out there for fun. I can't promise to send something to everyone who responds...but you never know...and surprises...even little ones...are always fun!

Thanks for visiting!

april 7 - a few free moments

This does not happen very often lately, so I am taking advantage! I got home a bit early from a meeting and decided to use those extra found minutes to catch up a bit here. The sun looks like it is trying to peek through but it is having a hard time!

I am finally starting to feel better. I was sick in bed all last week with strep throat. Ick! I haven't felt that bad in a long long time. Somewhere along the way I dropped my glasses on the floor and stepped on them and broke on Saturday morning I finally had to get out of bed to go get new glasses. Probably a good thing since I hadn't been to the eye doctor since 2007! Anyway, on Sunday we had a lovely dinner out for Easter and on Monday I went back to work. Still not feeling 100% but definitely getting there. And next week we are on vacation...yeah!

So I haven't done any stitching for nearly 2 weeks but I do have a few things to share. I stitched two exchanges which have been received, and appreciated, which makes me very happy!
The first was stitched for a pin pillow exchange that Becky hosted on her blog. I stitched the March Quaker freebie from The Workbasket, on a bone evenweave using Crescent Colours floss in "Spinach".

The second piece is also a pillow. I mentioned in a previous post that I had totally forgotten to send a PIF out on time and I was very embarrassed by that. So this is what I it a pattern from The Sampler Girl, It's a Wonderful Life, stitched on a neutral linen using the called for DMC threads.

These were my first two pillow type finishes and I was really pleased with the way they turned out. I'd like to get my sewing machine working...I think that would make the finishing go much faster!

I also was the recipient of some wonderful stitchy mail treats. About a year or so ago, one of my stitching friends, Tami, stitched Tea and Stitches from Victoria Sampler. I love this design so much and asked her if I could have the pattern when she was finished with it. Well, not only did she send me the pattern, but she also sent me the beautiful piece that she stitched! as well as another lovely piece. Tami and her family have so much going on right now and it just touches my heart that she thought of me at this time. Thanks again know how much this means to me.

And lastly, today when I got home from work this beautiful surprise was waiting in my mailbox! I was the lucky giveaway winner on Barbara's blog. She made this adorable easel finish with stitching and a needle magnet on one side, and a beautiful lace scissor pocket on the other. It is already propped up on my stitching table! Thanks so much Barbara!

So I guess my found time is up and I must take the doggies out for a walk!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

april 6 - a simple woman's daybook

for today....april 6

outside my is dark
i am thankful....for the start of baseball season
i am reading....some Sookie Stackhouse stories
i am looking forward to....seeing my grandson this weekend
i am grateful....that i am finally starting to feel better after more than a week of being sick
from the kitchen....yummy chicken
i am creating....controlled chaos
a bit of spring to share...

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