Thursday, May 22, 2008


I know I'm crazy to do this since I have so little time to stitch as it is, but I've joined 2 new stitch-a-longs.
Shelley has started a group to stitch the Monopoly gameboard. I've wanted to do this one ever since I saw Georgia's finished piece a few years ago. Everyone is getting their supplies together and I think we will start sometime in June. I still have to find the right fabric.
Becky (from BeckyBee's Stitching Hive) suggested the second SAL. I think there are 7 of us stitching the "Happy Home Sampler" from the latest issue of Cross Stitch & Needlework magazine. We will be stitching on Thursdays and started today. I only had time to stitch this morning on my commute, so I didn't get too much done, but at least it's a start! I'm stitching this piece on 32 count Star Sapphire jobelan with DMC. Here's a photo of my tiny start!

Exchanges given & recieved

Sometime back I posted a pic of the bunny block that I stitched for the STO monthly block exchange. Here is a photo of the block I received from Sharyn. It's such a cute little bunny! I'm thinking about making it into a pin keep whenever I get around to doing some finishing! This was the first time I received a block from the same person who received mine.
We did another exchange with STO - we each stitched a holiday ornie - something other than Christmas. I stitched this Lizzie Kate design "If the Broom Fits" - Lavon got my piece and since she loves Halloween, it was perfect. I also received my exchange from Lavon - an Easter piece by Lizzie Kate called "Hop Squared". It is stitched on yellow & white checkered fabric & the bunnies have fuzzy little tails. The ribbon even has bunnies on it! I can't wait to hang it on my door next spring.
Today I received the some patterns from Mary Kathryn. She had some drawings on her blog for her blog anniversary and I was one of the winners. I received these Lizzie Kate charts, and she also included a PS freebie along with them.
Thanks to everyone!

What a wonderful surprise!

A while back, Felicity offered a piece of fabric - with the design already started - on her blog. I totally forgot about it, so imagine my surprise when I found it in my mailbox yesterday! The design is called "Five Simple Rules" by Glendon Place. Felicity didn't like the fabric, but I think it goes well with the floss colors. Now I just have to order the pattern and I'll be able to work on it. She even gridded the fabric...I've never done that before, so it will be fun to see if it makes it easier to stitch.

Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary! It's hard to believe that so much time has passed - where did it go? I feel so blessed to have found someone to share my life with - all the good and no-so-good times.
My DH surprised me at work yesterday with these beautiful long-stemmed roses. It took me a minute to figure out why I would be getting flowers! but I drove to work yesterday which I don't normally do and he knew that I'd be able to bring them home in the car. They smell so good too! Aren't they gorgeous?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Furbabies & a search

It has occurred to me that I haven't posted any photos of our furbabies. The dogs had their annual check-up on Monday. Boonie - our Golden - does not do well at the vet's. According to my DH, he had a total meltdown and it took 3 people to calm him down (well...sort of calm!). But he recovered from the trauma quickly and all is well now.
The first photo is our Golden, Boonie. The second photo is of Eros...he is a Britanny Spaniel/Lab mix and is actually (or was actually) my daughter's dog, but she couldn't keep him in her apartment so he came to live with us . The kitties are the same situation. Both belonged to my older daughter, but when she moved to Boston she couldn't take them with her. The one on the left is Jack, the one on the right is Sabrina ('s a long story!)
My search is for a pattern that I saw on the back cover of British Cross Stitcher Issue 199. It is an Anchor pattern and just reminded me so much of our little ones. I'm hoping to find it someday because it's something I must stitch.


I really hate that I always procrastinate, especially when I have something important to do. It's a real character flaw. Why do I always do this to myself?
My nephew is getting married next month. I decided a year ago to stitch them a wedding gift. I picked out the perfect design..."Seaside Sweethearts". They love the beach, even got engaged there...and the colors are perfect too.
I was determined to start on the first of the year. Well...that came and went, so I thought I'd start on his birthday in March...came and went again. Long story short, I finally started on Sunday...ACK!...what was I thinking? Now I will be stressing until I get it done.
I'm stitching over-one because I didn't want them to have a huge piece that they would have to find a place for.This will be very pretty when finished, but it is all done in very pale colors on antique white and I am seriously afraid that it may kill me in the end!
Here are 2 photos. The first is a scan of the pattern and the second is what I have done as of last night. Please send all the stitching fairies to help me!

Another month plus gone by without blogging. Time just seems to slip through my fingers. I've had a couple of really nice comments about my blog recently though, so I am going to give it another go! I have to get over the feeling that I have to add photos as I go...I can always go back and do that later!
Anyway, I think we're all finally healthy around here...even the furbabies! Over the past couple of months we've all had the has been a really nasty strain this year and no fun. I've had some form since just after Christmas! But the weather is finally feeling like spring, so maybe all the nasties are gone for good!
I've been stitching just a bit...mostly round robins and small pieces. This first picture is my piece on a round robin. The pattern is "Flower of the Month" from the "Diary of an Edwardian Lady". It's a really pretty piece. I stitched the July and October blocks. The second picture is my garden theme block for the monthly block exchange on the STO yahoo group. I saw it in the last issue of the Gift of Stitching magazine and thought it would be perfect. It's a Lizzie Kate design. The third picture is my rendition of "Bad Hare Day" by Mosey 'n Me. We are doing this as a SAL in the STO group as well. It's fun to see everyone's choices of fabric and floss. I stitched mine on a piece of Sassy's Fabric called Calypso Blue using a mix of floss from Needle Necessities, Carrie's Threads and the Dye is Cast.