Monday, February 28, 2011

february 28 - mysteries solved, what's lost is found, and a few photos too

It has been way too long since I have updated this blog...sorry for those of you who are followers. I was actually very busy stitching in my spare time, and have very little "leisure" computer time at work since we have been busy getting our budget ready for next fiscal year. Time consuming, but it is finally done and we are very happy!

Did you ever wonder why you lose followers on your blogs? I often wonder if I have said something to offend anyone, or if it is just that I have nothing much of interest to say most of the time. But the last time I tried to add myself as a follower to a blog that was new to me, I was told that I was already following the maximum number of blogs and would have to delete one to add another. I didn't realize that there was a limit, but I guess there is. So someone lost a follower because someone else was gaining one. So now when I see my list fluctuate up and down by one or two, I choose to think that that is the reason!

My daughter and her new beau are coming to visit this week and I have been trying to make some sense of my stitching room (actually my stitching storage room, since I rarely do any actual stitching in there!) because that is where the spare pull-out bed/couch is. I was going through some file drawers and came upon Papillon Creations' Love with a Capital L. I started this design long ago...I don't even remember exactly when...and I had the fabric and thread with my meager amount of stitching in a trunk in the living room. But I could not find the pattern anywhere. I had finally decided to just go ahead and purchase another copy because I really love the design, but I hadn't got around to it yet. Anyway, there it was, stuck in a folder with some freebies! I was so thrilled to find it! I really thought it was gone forever. Makes me wonder what other treasures are hiding somewhere in our house....

I do have a few photos to share. The first is my progress on a SAL that we are doing over at Friendly Stitchers. Each month Val (one of the mods) is posting instructions for two more specialty stitches that we are to add to the band sampler. I hadn't even made a start, but was able to get the first four bands done last week. The fabric is actually more of an antique white, and the thread is a Threadworks color that I had in my stash. I really don't do many specialty stitches in my pieces...I'm pretty much a plain cross-stitch kind of stitcher, so this is a fun SAL for me.

This next photo is my Heart in Hand square for the monthly exchange with the Stitcher's Timeout group. It is called Wee Joy. I used a piece of scrap evenweave ( I think the color may be bone) and DMC. I also changed some of the colors and didn't add the specialty stitches to this one.

I am trying to stitch and finish an ornament each month this year, and this is the one I chose for February. It is a design from Sharon Bennett (daffycat) and can be found on her blog. It is called Mistletoe Reindeer, and is stitched on a scrap piece of linen with DMC. I used red beads instead of white. This is the second of her reindeer ornaments that I have stitched and i think there is one more. I think these designs are so cute!

Lastly, I was the lucky recipient of this adorable little pillow from Becky. It is a beehive design from Little House Needleworks. I am always in awe of Becky's stitching and finishing. She comes up with the cutest finishes for her projects and her stitching is always beautiful. Thanks again Becky for such a lovely gift!

And finally, I said that I had been doing a lot of stitching this month, and the end result is that I have finally finished Three Things Sampler by Moira Blackburn! I started this in February 2005, so it took me six years off and on to stitch, but I love the finished project. I haven't had a chance to press it yet, but as soon as I do I will post a photo here because I really am proud of this one!

And now I am off to blow my nose and sneeze some more, because yes, I am getting yet another cold/sore throat thing. And it is raining so hard here today too. Maybe my boss will take pity on my and send me home early to a nice warm fire and a cup of hot cocoa. One can always hope!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

february 9 - oops!!!

I guess this will teach me not to try and upload photos before I've had my first cup of caffeine! I meant to just save these photos and post later, but oh well! Thanks to everyone who saw and made comments!

I just wanted to post a couple of updates...this first project is H is for Hearts from Sam Sarah. We had a "Heart SAL" with the Stitcher's Timeout group last weekend, and this is the piece I stitched. I used the called for fabric (for a change!) and I really like the way it turned out. I think I will probably finish this one as a small pillow...probably not in time for this Valentine's Day, but I'm collecting for next year!

I've also made a little bit of progress on Apple Tree Sampler. This is the piece that I am stitching along with Babs. I'm sure she is farther along than I am!

And finally, this is my progress on Three Things Sampler. I can finally see the finish in sight and am really excited! I have been stitching this piece on and off since 2005 (!) and every time I sit down with it I don't know why I ever put it down in the first place. I love the colors and really enjoy the stitching too. (sorry for the poor photo)

Tonight , I'm planning on stitching some more on Ellen Birdseye, so I should have another update soon.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

february 3 - draggin myself through the day

I stayed up late last night so I could pre-order the i-phone from Verizon - but if course they are having problems with the website! I tried for a half hour and then knew I had to get some sleep for work, so I went to bed. I've been trying to get in all morning, off and on, and there is still an error message. Maybe this is a sign that I should not bother with this particular phone! I'm thinking of maybe trying the Droid. Some of you must have smartphones (seems like everyone around here does but me!)...does anyone have any advice? Pros? Cons? Guess I'll keep trying....

Today is the New Moon, which means TUSAL Day, so here is my little jar. I read on someone's blog that they thought their photo was kind of boring so they were going to jazz it up a bit...maybe I'll do that next month...this does look kind of lonely!

So I'm off to City Hall to pay some bills, get some cash and some fresh air...maybe the outdoor air will wake me up a bit!

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

February 1 - January round-up

After last year, when I hardly did any stitching at all, I am really pleased with the start I have made for 2011!

I managed to reach all the goals I set for myself...I started 15 new projects in that crazy challenge, finished up my last bit for our The Hunt round robin, stitched and framed a birth sampler for my great-niece Lena, finished one WIP/UFO from my list - Flying Monkeys, and stitched and finished one ornie for someone's tree next year (maybe ours, maybe not!). And I stitched and finished the snowman kit from our exchange at Stitcher's Timeout.

All in all, I stitched at least a little bit every day of the month...woo hoo! I hope February will be full of stitches as well! I have lots more stitching to do....

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