Saturday, February 28, 2009

feb 28 - Some stitching progress

February has slipped by and I really don't feel like I have been stitching all that much. It's been kind of a weird time around here though and I guess my mind was just on too many other things.
I did get a couple things done though...this is my start on Part One of "Alla Turca" a design by Pelin Tezer. This piece is a mystery SAL with the Stitcher's Heaven group. I am a bit behind but it is fun to stitch and hopefully I will catch up before part three comes. I am stitching it on 28ct evenweave in mushroom with Carrie's Threads in Banana Split. I love the colors in this thread.

This is my progress so far on the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler, again, not much so far, but it is really a pleasure to stitch and I am enjoying it. I am thinking about bringing this one with me when we go to Arizona in a couple of maybe I will get some stitching done then. I want to take something that will be easy to work with and since this only uses one floss color, it fits the bill perfectly.

We will have our grandson again this weekend while his mom is working, so there will probably be little stitching done, but we'll have lots of fun anyway!
Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for all your comments. I really do appreciate them.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

feb 25

Today is the day we are supposed to post our pics for the Totally Useless SAL
...I didn't do much stitching this month so I don't have
alot to show at this point...but here it is, with my little guardian gnome watching .

These are the adorable squares I received from Nancy for the Winter round of Fair & Square. She stitched a part of Bent Creek's Snow Sampler for of my fave designers, and I just love this little snowman. Thanks again Nancy!

Today is my baby's birthday...she is 27 years old, and a mom herself now. I can't hardly believe it. Where did the time go?

Robin was the only person who expressed an interest in the PIF, so Robin, I will be emailing you shortly for your address, etc.

Luckily I was able to find the Gloriana silk I need for the round robin I bungled. So tonight my job is to undo all those stitches. Guess I should get to it!

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, February 23, 2009

feb 23

Last sign up for my PIF...the post is a few down from here. So far only one person has said they are interested although a few others did post on that post...I wonder if they are interested too...if you are reading htis please let me know! Anyway, I'll draw 2 names tomorrow evening.

The rain is beating down on the roof...our roof here at work is flat and it always sounds like horses running across the roof when it rains! We have no windows so it is hard to tell what the weather is like without walking to the front door...unless you hear the horse's hooves on the roof!

I decided to start the "Alla Turca" SAL yesterday...I needed a fresh start. Didn't get much done before my little guy came over for the evening. Maybe I'll get some stitches in tonight.

Thanks for visiting,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

feb 22

I feel so stupid!!! I spent most of yesterday stitching on a round robin piece, and was almost halfway done with my bit when I noticed late last night that I was 1/2 stitch off. Of course it was the first little motif I stitched which means I have to take out everything I stitched. I couldn't believe it...what a stupid error. If it was my own piece I would just make the adjustment and carry on but since it belongs to someone else and others will also be stitching in the same area I can't do that. I hope Acorns & Threads has some of the right color thread on Tuesday. I think I may just leave it until then. I can't bear to look at it.
So today I will stitch on something else! Not sure what yet. It's a bright sunny day...maybe I'll just start something new.
The photo above shows some stitchy mail I got yesterday. I received my Fair & Square round 11 squares from April yesterday. She stitched a Quaker snowman with a very pretty blue variegated thread. It looks more teal in the photo, but it is actually blue. I love Quaker designs so this was just perfect.
Asher will be here later today and tonight so that is something fun to look forward to. And then the Oscars later tonight.Should be a grand day.
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

feb 21

I finally picked up needle and thread last night...I don't think I have put in a stitch for the last 2 weeks...withdrawal doesn't even begin to describe it!
I have been really busy at work, and for some reason have had way too many meetings to attend. By the time I get home I am just too tired to do much of anything. But yesterday when I came home I took the doggies out for a walk and then promptly went home and took a nap! I never do this doing the week unless I am sick but it sure felt good and I slept almost until supper! So last night I was able to sit up and stitch a bit.
I worked on a round robin piece...we are stitching Quaker Friendship Sampler for this robin and it will be fun to see everyone's because we are all using different threads and fabrics. I am working on Claire's and she chose a beautiful Gloriana fiber in autumn colors. Unfortunately I didn't get as much done as I had hoped because I had to pick out 2 bits that I had miscounted but I fixed those and went on my way. I am hoping to do some more today and will post a picture tomorrow.
The other reason I didn't get much stitching done this past week is pictured adorable grandson! My daughter was moving into a new apartment this week so we were lucky to have the little guy with us for most of the weekend and again Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. When he is here I pretty much just focus on him 24/7! I did read a bit while he napped, but that's about it! What a blessing he is!
Well...chores to do before I can get back to stitching...
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Thursday, February 19, 2009

feb 19

Squares received!
I have heard from my two recent "fair & square" partners that they have received my squares, so I can post pictures now.
The first set is a heart design from the Workbasket. It is stitched on 32ct. jobelan with Crescent Colours "Caribbean Waters" floss.The second set is also a design from the Workbasket called "Quaker Holly". It is stitched on 32 ct. white linen with DMC threads and red beads. These are both freebies and can still be downloaded from the Workbasket site.

Thanks for visiting!

Feb 19

Pay It Forward...

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Jill for one of her PIFs and now it's my turn to offer the same.
If you would like to receive something stitched by me within the next 365 days, please leave a comment, on this post only, to say that you are interested.
I will draw 2 names on Mardi Gras (February 24) and then will post the recipient's names here on my blog.
In return, you must also offer to do the same on your own blog.

Thanks for visiting!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feb 17

Connie tagged me with this fabulous blog award and now it's my chance to pass the award along to five other great bloggers. It's so hard to choose because I read so many wonderful blogs as often as I can but since I had to only choose five, here they are:




Lori Ray


So, please pass the award on to five others if you like, and also tell us all five of your favorite things...five of my favorite things are:

spending time with my family - husband, daughters, and my adorable grandson


reading cozy mystery series

the Oregon Coast

watching baseball

Monday, February 9, 2009

feb 9

I'm sitting here at work, at my desk, trying to keep my eyes open! We had a bit of a late night last night. Hubby and I went to see the Edgar Winter Band...amazing that he still sounds really good. it was a great show and we had lots of fun rockin' and rollin'.

Didn't get much stitching done this weekend. I started a freebie design with a peacock and heart that I saw on someone's blog. It was coming along very nicely until I realized I had added an extra row and had to take out a good portion of what I had stitched. I'm about 2/3 finished though and will post a picture when it is done. I also started my monthly block for March...the theme is birdhouses. I stitched on it at a meeting I went to on Saturday night. Hope to finish that one this week as well.

I see that Susan has received her Prairie Schooler exchange piece. I stitched a design from the "From My Heart" leaflet and finished it into a pinkeep.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

feb 7

It was 45 years ago today that the Beatles first landed in New York...I remember it like it was yesterday...yes I was a true Beatlemaniac. Things were certainly different then...

On to stitchy things...I have received some exchanges over the past weeks.
I received my bookmark exchange from the bbinteractive group. MaryAnne stitched this lovely bookmark for me and also included a set of marking pins that she made herself. I still haven't heard if she received my bookmark yet. It was mailed nearly a month ago so I am sure she has. I don't think she reads my blog so I will post a picture of it. It is a Celtic design that I got from a library book.
The last photo is the beautiful ornament I received as part of the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange. Malinda stitched this for me...the back is personalized with our names, but I don't have a photo of that. She also included an ort container that she made. This was really a coincidence because I recently read about these on someone's blog and was wondering how I could make one for myself. They fold up so they are portable and can go right in your stitching bag. I love it. Again, I don't know if my partner has received her exchange yet so I will wait to show a photo of that one.

Monday, February 2, 2009

feb 2

Well, I guess the groundhog saw his shadow so we'll be having 6 more weeks of winter. As long as we don't get any more snow I guess I can handle the cold. For some reason I have been unable to get warm this year. Even at work, my hands and my nose feel like ice cubes...and yes, we do have heat. Is this just one more thing that happens as we get older? I hope not!
Thanks to everyone for the get well wishes. I'm almost afraid to say it out loud, but I think I have turned a corner here and am feeling better. Let's hope so!
Did you all watch the Super Bowl? I didn't really care which team won this year, but I thought it was a good game overall. And it was definately worth watching for Bruice Springsteen at half-time. He is one of my faves and always puts on a great show. And now that football season is's almost time for baseball. Yeah!
I managed to get some stitching done this weekend, but can't show any pictures yet. I finished 2 sets of squares for Fair & Square and also did the finishing on my exchange piece for the Year Long Prairie Schooler exchange. It wasn't hard once I decided how I wanted to finish it! I'll be mailing all of these out tomorrow, so hopefully I can show pictures soon.
Hope everyone is managing to stay warm!