Wednesday, December 24, 2008

december 24

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers! I am always finding inspiration from other's blogs and it means so much to me to read everyone's comments here. Please continue to visit! I hope you will all have a very happy holiday season, and that the new year will bring you peace, good health and much happiness.

hugs and happy stitching....lynda

the card in the photo was handmade by Donna, a stitching friend. She always makes wonderful cards each year. Thanks Donna!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

december 21

We have been in the deep freeze around here since last Sunday and I am really done in by it all! Coming from upstate New York, I should be used to this...but we haven't seen snow like this in Portland in years and I just don't like it! I can't drive in it so I've been back to commuting on bus and train...which is fine...except that I have to be up at 3 am to make the train and by the time I get home at 5 or so I am truly tired! I haven't even had any energy to stitch all week. My daughter is supposed to be flying in from Boston on Christmas night and I just hope it clears enough by then so that she can get in safely.
So enough whining! I did finally manage to stitch up my second ornament for Vonna's seasonal challenge last night. Here are the two ornies I stitched for the challenge. The little reindeer is a freebie from Sharon at Daffycat Designs. And the other is a design from Stacy Nash Primitives..."Silent Holy Night".
I also pulled out "Three Things" this afternoon and am going to see how much I can get done on this one before the end of the year.
The other photo is a picture of the little gifts I opened this week from the CCS group Advent exchange.
Hope everyone is staying warm!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

december 16

Since it snowed all day on Sunday we stayed inside and decorated the tree. I stayed in my pj's all day...can't even remember the last time I did that! Here are a few pictures. I collect Santas as you can see...last year someone told me they looked scary, but I like them all together like that anyway. There are a few cube-its included that I made also.

The second picture is our tree. We decided several years ago to go with an artifical tree after years and years of having real ones. It took a long time but we finally found one we liked and haven't been sorry. It has lights already strung and always looks nice. Plus my hubby doesn't have to vacuum up needles for the next six months! Our ornies are pretty eclectic. Some are from when the children were little, some from places we've visited, some are gifts. The star on the top is probably at least 40 years old. Hubby's dad brought it home and it has graced the family tree ever since. It just wouldn't be the same without that star.
The last photo is my little ornie tree with all the stitched ornies...some have been from exchanges and some are ones I have stitched myself. It's hard to see all of them but they are all very special to me.

december 15


Another week has gone by and we are that much closer to Christmas and I still have tons of stuff to do. And on top of everything, we are in the midst of a cold streak with snow and ice...something that is really quite rare for this area. When we want to see snow, we get in the car and drive up to Mt. Hood. This snowing in the valley stuff is just not right!
Anyway, here is a photo of my second week's little gifties from my Advent partner.
I also finished my bit for the Quaker Friendship Round Robin and sent it off today. I am excited about working on this project.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

december 13

It's getting colder and very blustery. We're supposed to have snow in the valley tomorrow so I'm getting all bundled up now! Our fireplace (gas) is out and won't be fixed for another week, so there will be lots of cozy blankets and hot tea going around here!
Our tree is up and I hope to get it decorated sometime today. I finally got all my cards written and sent yesterday so that made me feel like I had accomplished something! We also did a little bit of Christmas shopping for Asher. He's really too little to understand this year, but it was fun for us anyway!
I finally got around to starting my bit for the Quaker Style Friendship Sampler RR. It has to be mailed this week so I want to have it finished before the weekend is over. I am stitching mine on a pewter jobelan with Carrie's Threads in Black Cherry. It will be fun to see the same design stitched six different ways.
I'm also working on a couple of ornies but I'll wait to show a photo until they are all finished.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This month's STO monthly block theme was Santas and I received this adorable Santa from Petra. She even added a string of lights! I made it into a cube to add to my Santa display this year.
I also received my PS ornie exchange from Mar. This is the adorable holiday bell ornie that she stitched for me. Mar also included some wonderful goodies, including 2 of her Heartstruck designs. I have had these on my wish list for ages and I am so happy that she sent them to me.
Thanks so much Petra and Mar!
I also included a photo of the ornie that I sent to Mar.

december 10

Here is the reason I have been away from the computer all week...our grandson was staying with us while his mom was away. So all my time was spent playing with him and looking at him and marveling at what a little angel he is! Mommy came home last night and I miss him already!
I was able to finish "Quaker Christmas" before Asher arrived on Sunday which was a real treat. This photo is not very good. The lighting is awful and the fabric looks stained but hopefully I will get a better photo once it is framed! It is stitched on a beige linen using Carrie's Threads. I started stitching this with a SAL group around the first of the year and have been working on it off and on since then. Thanks to the Let's Stitch group I have really been motivated to finish it by the holidays. It is kind of large but a real pleasure to stitch for anyone who may be thinking of giving it a go!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

december 7

I signed up for the Advent exchange at the CCS yahoo group this year. It is a fun exchange where each person sends 25 small gifts to their partner, one to open each day throughout Advent. These can be numbered or not. Here is a photo of the first seven of my little gifts. My partner is Liz from Gibraltar and I hope she is having as much fun with her little surprises as I am with mine!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

december 2

stitching goals and an update....
November goals:
continue stitching on Quaker Christmas - DONE!
continue stitching on Three Things - no
ornie for JCS SAL - DONE!
ornie for PS exchange - DONE!
fair & square squares for Christmas round - DONE!
fair & square squares for round 10 - DONE!
monthly challenge: needlebook - DONE!

December goals:
finish Quaker Christmas
continue stitching (& hopefully finish!) Three Things
2 holiday ornies for Vonna's seasonal challenge
Quaker Friendship Round Robin - my bit on my piece

The picture shows my progress on Quaker Christmas so far.

ornie exchanges

I recently received two wonderful ornies in exchanges. The first was from an exchange on the San-Man message board. Louise stitched this adorable snowman for me. It is by Helga Mandl Designs and was featured in last month's Gift of Stitching magazine. The second ornie was for an exchange with the Stitching Buddies group. This design is from Midnight Stitching and it was an exclusive design given to participants at the Stitcher's Timeout retreat in September. I didn't have a chance to go in person (Flat Lynda went instead!) and I loved this design from the minute I saw it. I was so thrilled that Lavon chose to stitch it for me.
Both of these ornies will look great on the tree this year and for many years to come. Thanks again!

Monday, November 24, 2008

november 24

This was a very productive weekend for me, stitching-wise. I was able to stitch and finish 3 small pieces.
The first is my December ornament for the monthly JCS ornie SAL at the Stitcher's Timeout group. It is a Lizzie Kate design from the 2001 JCS ornie issue.
The second is my piece for this month's challenge at the monthly challenge blog. November's challenge was a needlebook. I used a piece of linen banding to stitch on. The design is a small peacock motif taken from the new Stacy Nash Christmas booklet, and it is stitched with Weeks "Father's Day floss.
I recently joined Vonna's Seasonal Ornament blog and the first challenge was to stitch a Thanksgiving themed ornie. I found this old Rainbow Gallery freebie designed by Eirca Michaels. It is stitched on a piece of jazlyn in an almond color. I swapped out the threads and used some GAST and Weeks for the design. I used Carrie's Threads - Harvest Moon - for the lettering. I love all the autumn shades in that floss.
It is rare for me to sit down and finish things right away, so I really do feel like I accomplished something this weekend!

november 23

What a great mail day! I received 2 sets of squares from the fair and square exchange.
The first set was for Round 10...these were stitched fror me by Jeanie C. from Singapore. I love this design and have been wanting to stitch it for myself since I first saw it. It is a freebie from a French blog and when I find the link I will update this post. Jeanie stitched it in a beautiful rich red color. It's gorgeous!
The second set of squares were stitched by Joan S. I have never seen this design before but I love it!It is very festive for the holidays and I am thinking of maybe making a small cube to display this year.
Both squares are really beautiful and I am enjoying them very much!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

november 22

Last night was the weekly stitch-a-thon with "Let's Stitch" and I worked a bit on "Quaker Christmas" again. I didn't get to stitch as much as I thought I would...Jeff didn't have to work last night so we took a break to go out for a bite to eat. And we had the tv guy come by to check on some work that was done on Monday. We had a new satellite dish installed and the guy who came out to do it was pretty dysfunctional...he didn't even bring a ladder and had to go back and get one...duh...the thing has to go on the roof...wouldn't you need a ladder? And we have 3 floors and guess what?...he was afraid of heights! I think he's in the wrong job! Anyway, it's still not great downstairs but not upstairs yet so that should be fixed shortly. Anyway, it took up some of my stitching time...
I've been spending the morning getting some things ready to mail so I'm off to the post office now and then hopefully home to stitch this afternoon. Looks a little bit dreary outside so it's a good day to stay indoors.
Here's a pic of my progress so far on QC. The lighting is horrible so the picture isn't great but you get the idea!

Friday, November 21, 2008

november 21

I've changed the look of my blog once again! I like the flowers at the least for now!

It's starting to get colder here in the mornings especially. And very foggy. I can never seem to get warm during the day...then at night I can't be cool enough! Getting older is the pits!

I've been getting a bit of stitching done this week, but can't show pictures because the stitching is for exchanges. I've finished the ornament for the PS group exchange, as well as my fair & square squares for round 10, and another ornament for an exchnage at the San-Man board. I'm hoping to get everything in the mail this weekend.
Tonight is the weekly SAT at Let's Stitch. I'll be working on "Quaker Christmas" again. I'm determined to just keep at this until it is finished. I really want to have it to display for the holidays.

Anyway...back to work!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

november goals

Somehow the first of the month came and went without me noticing! I did really well with my October goals - finished 3 ornaments and 3 monthly block exchange squares. I also finished the monthly challenge Halloween piece and continued working on my 2 biggest WIPs - "Three Things" and "Quaker Christmas". Plus I managed to stitch a couple of other small pieces and finish a UFO! For this month, I just want to continue with those 2 pieces and finish up a few outstanding exchanges, as well as the monthly challenge - a needlebook.
I've been working on my holiday squares but had to frog out a whole section that I worked on today after work because I was half a stitch off. I re-stitched the area but it kind of slowed me down.I really do not stitching on this linen!
Christmas Peace

Good Things

Stitching finishes! I actually managed to get some stitching done this weekend. I stitched my monthly ornament for the JCS ornament SAL with Stitcher's Timeout. It is the design from Heart in Hand that was in the 2002 JCS ornament issue called "Christmas Peace".
I also finished one of my UFOs..."Good Things", a design from Birds of a Feather. I was encouraged to pull this one out when Becky started "Let's Stitch" and challenged us to get out our oldest UFO to work on. Since I can't find my oldest UFO (I am organized-challenged!) I chose this piece. I can't remember when I started it but it has been a few years at least. I liked it because of the little mermaid as well as the saying..."good things come to those who wait"...that was one of my grandma's favorite sayings and it always reminds me of her. So thank you to everyone at the blog for all the encouragement to keep going with this. I am really pleased with the finish.


november 5, 2008

Election aftermath....I didn't realize how really stressed out I have been over this year's election...and this has been going on for several months. This Presidential election is probably the most important one I've ever voted in, and the results will color our world for a long time. In addition, the county in which I work had a measure on the ballot to form a library district in the county. Without the district, the county would begin to take away 20% of our funding each year for the next five years, leaving us with no county funding at all. Most cities (the one I work for included) would not be abe to backfill such a huge amount of money, and the end result would be that several libraries in the county would eventually have to close their doors, probably within the next 2-3 years at most.
Today I am a very happy person. The man I heard speak at a convention 4 years ago...the man who inspired me so much then and continues to inspire me...the man who I hoped then would run for President someday...did run and did win...and I am so grateful and hopeful that the next four years will bring good changes to our country.
And...our library district measure passed with a 61% majority, which means that we will not have to close our doors and in fact with the start of the next fiscal year in July we will be adding more hours and services for our patrons. And I am extremely grateful to everyone who realized the importance of libraries to our quality of life and to everyone who understands that especially in these hard economic times it is so important to have a place where we and our children can be enriched and nurtured...for free!
So even though I was exhausted all day because I stayed up so late last night, my stress level has gone way down...and tonight I will sleep soundly!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

october 28, 2007

Acorns & Threads
Stitcher's Timeout

Great stash week!...This has been a wonderful stash week! Sunday was the annual open house at Acorns & Threads, my LNS. There was a gift with purchase, which was a really nice re-usable bag (like the kind you get at the grocery store, but with pockets on the sides). I hadn't been to the store in almost a year because I was trying to pay off my daughter's wedding and stitch from my stash, but I couldn't resist this trip. I was very good too...only bought a few things (although my wish list has grown by leaps and bounds!) I got a few Cross-Eyed Cricket designs...2 to use for my next round robin, and another fall design. Also two designs from Stone & Thread, one of the LHN thread packs ("Reading"), and a pretty mermaid design. Also the JBW little autumn design (the acorn) some Weeks thread and a small piece of gingham fabric.

This week also saw the return of Flat Lynda from the STO retreat, and she brought a wonderful goody bag home with her! Along with the retreat booklet chock full of fun recipes and stuff, was some thread and fabric, and several wonderful patterns...all packed into a huge tote bag...perfect for carting around projects.

I also received the new booklet by Stacy Nash Designs...A Simply Early Christmas. It is wonderful! I can't wait to stitch up some of these beautiful primitive designs.

And I got LHN's "Sea to Shining Sea" and an exclusive ornament design from Theron Traditions for the mayflower Sampler GuildGuild. Also some fabric and threads for the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL starting in January. The fabric color is bay rum and the threads are Carrie's "Koala Claw" I'm 99% sure that this is what I'll be using!

So, it's been a good week! Sorry the photos aren't very good.

october 28, 2008

Last of the blocks!...I finished up the last three blocks for the Stitcher's Timeout monthly block exchange. October's theme was turkeys and this is a bit from a Shepherd's Bush design. The Santa for November is a Mosey 'N Me ornament from one of the JCS ornie issues. And the final block for the year was snowflakes. This is a SanMan Originals design. I was going to stitch the snowflakes but I tried to do them two different ways and neither looked right so I just added buttons instead!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

october 25

The Sampler Girl
Primitive Betty

Primitive Stitching...I had never really been drawn to these before, and now I am addicted! This is greatly in part to joining Tanya's Stacy Nash Groupies. The more I looked at these designs I realized how much I love the simplicity...they just seem to transport me to another place. Last weekend, we had a Hallow's Eve party with the group which was great fun. There were even party favors! These are two that I stitched up so far. One is a design Primitive Betty's design, the other was deisgned by Tanya herself. I still have Stacy's design to stitch up.

october 25

Faith * Hope * Love
Quaker Christmas
Three Things

I can't believe it has been nearly a month since I blogged last! Where did the time go?
This has been a bit if a stressful month around if this upcoming election wasn't already so important, the county where I work has a very important item on the ballot as well...they want to form a library district which would provide permanent operational funding for the libraries in the county. If it doesn't pass, several of the libraries will probably be shutting down over the next few years, mine among them. I know there is really nothing I can do...and I have tried not to think about it too much, but I can feel the effects of the stress on me and I will be so happy when this whole thing is finished. If anyone has any extra good vibes to send, please do...libraries are so important, and a good value to boot!

Anyway, I have been doing some stitching at least! I will have met all of my goals for the month for the first time in a long time!
These photos show my progress so far on the two pieces that I would really like to have finished by year's end...."Three Things Sampler" by Moira Blackburn and "Quaker Christmas" by ByGone Stitches. I also had a finish this month...."Faith*Hope*Love" by Midnight Stitching. It is stitched on jobelan (I think the color is wood violet) with Carrie's Threads in Bordeaux. I love Marianne's Quaker designs. I also did a some exchanges -- pinkeeps and ornies --but I can't show pictures of those yet.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

october 1st, 2008

September did I do? Well, I did get some small things exchange piece, monthly challenge piece, my fair & square squares and my monthly block and SAL ornie. I also stitched some on "Three Things"...finished 2 bands that were incomplete. I started "Mansfield Park" but I am short of some of the threads so I will put this aside until I can get those. Did not stitch on any of my other WIPs though. I think I was a bit too ambitious with my goals! October goals will be posted in the sidebar...The photo shows my progress so far on "Three Things Sampler".

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

23 september 2008

Exchanges sent & received...

I see that Karen has received the squares I sent her for Fair & Square round 9, so I can post a picture. I stitched a freebie from Papillon Creations - Tiny Little Quaker - using purple variegated floss because purple is her favorite color. She says she will make a biscornu with these which was kind of what I had in mind when I was stitching them!

I also received this adorable block square from Emily in the STO yahoo group monthly exchange. The theme for the month was trees and I really love this delicate little block. The picture does not do it justice. I think I will make a floss tag with this one.

I finished stitching my exchange for the SanMan Hallo-Fall exchange, but can't show that one yet since it just went in the mail yesterday.

23rd september 2008

Meet Flat Lynda!

The Stitcher's Timeout yahoo group is having a stitching retreat next month. Unfortunately, many of us cannot attend in person, so the idea was floated aroundthat we could send our "flat selves" instead! Someone will take us around to all the events, and we will even get a goodie bag and chance to win a door prize. I must say that the "flat ladies" I've seen are all amazing and very creative. Mine is on her way to Kansas right now, and she's a little nervous as it's her first time flying. But Mar has promised to take very good care of her, so not to worry!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

17 september 2008

I realized that I haven't posted in almost a week, so I wanted to check in with all my blogging friends. Coming back to work after a week off was not easy! I like my job, but I think I could get very comfortable being home more!
I did get some stitching done last week but nothing I can show. I finished the squares for round 9 of "fair & square" and mailed them off yesterday. I've also been working on an exchange piece for the HalloFall Exchange with the SanMan group. I thought I'd have it finished by today but since I didn't stitch at all the past two nights that hasn't happened.
I've been really tired when I get home, and I think I'm coming down with a cold or something...scratchy throat, runny nose, "bowling ball" head...I keep telling myself that it is too early to be getting a's not even officially fall yet!
I'm very envious of all of you who have the JCS ornie issue in your hands already. From all the comments I've been reading it sounds like a great issue and I can't wait to see it.
Well, break time is over so I guess I should get back to work! I hope to have some pics to show you soon.
Thanks for visiting!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 september 2008

Today I spent the whole day with my grandson which was great fun. Here are pictures of a couple of his silly faces. I didn't get any stitching done today...too busy holding the baby and playing with him, but I did finish my scarecrow block for the monthly STO exchange last night.
I also started my round 9 fair & square squares but can't show those yet.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

09 september 2008

TO CAMP OR NOT TO CAMP.....I realized that this template does not show post dates so I have to use the date as a title. Oh well...We are on vacation this week...yeah! My hubby has wanted to go camping for some time and we have been going back and forth as to whether or not I would go with him. We finally decided "no"...I am really not a camper, unless it it in a nice warm cabin. Anyway, he left this morning with the 2 dogs for a few days roughing it down in Culver. After looking at how packed the car was I don't think there would have been room for me anyway!
Turns out it will be a good thing though because I will have my grandson with me most of tomorrow and can't wait! And also, I hope to get some stitching done as well.
Yesterday, I worked a little bit on La D Da's "Zippity Do Da"...we are doing this piece as a SAL with one of my yahoo groups. I am using Carrie's Threads - Soapstone as the main thread color. I really like the variations in the color. I also stitched on "Three Things" this weekend. This is a really pleasurable piece to stitch. I love the colors she uses. The last time I stitched on this piece was in March!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Thanks and an update

Thanks so much to Rachel and Felicity for steering me in the direction of other blogger templates. After playing around some I think I have this almost the way I want it!
My hubby has changed his work schedule and isn't home in the evenings I should have lots more stitching time, right? Well, not the last two nights. Life just keeps getting in the way. I did make a tiny start on La D Da's "Zippity Do Da", but not enough to post a picture yet. I was able to work on "Quaker Christmas" though, so here is an update on that one. Hopefully I'll get my act together and get some more stitching done in the evenings.