Wednesday, October 26, 2011

october 26 - just a quickie

Just a quick post to show my Totally Useless SAL for this month...not too much added...mostly threads from Carol's SAL and a couple of exchanges. Next month should include lots of ornie stitching...I hope!

Thanks for taking the time to visit!

Monday, October 17, 2011

october 17 - it's dangerous being me!

I am sitting here trying to type with basically one hand. Why would I do that? Well, not my choice...Friday night found me climbing onto our opened up sofabed to turn off our ceiling fan light (long story) when I fell through the corner where the frame and mattress meet. One leg inside the bed...the other (along with the rest of me) dangling and finally falling to the ground. I landed on my left shoulder and my hand, wrist and forearm...all of which are majorly bruised and sprained right now. I am not left handed but it is amazing how much I am finding that I need my left hand...little (but important) tasks hurt...a lot!I have a clunky brace on today but it still hurts. People here at work think I am a walking disaster in the making...just a few short weeks ago, I fell down the concrete steps near my house and messed my knee up pretty badly. That's finally starting to feel better, just barely tender now. I', working my way up from the feet, so I probably should be investing in a helmet sooner rather than later!

Of course, I couldn't get any stitching done this weekend, but I didn't really have time anyway. We have relatives visiting from Maine (not staying at our house, but close) so we met up with them on Saturday for breakfast and visited a wonderful Harvest Fest in Hood River. We brought our grandson, whom no-one had met and we all had lots of fun.

My LNS, Acorns & Threads, had its annual fall open house yesterday so I stopped by and picked up a few things and ordered a few more. They are also having a Staff Trunk Show and it is so much fun seeing all the wonderful pieces stitched by members of the staff there. Unfortunately some are older and the patterns are now out of print, but I am making a list anyway. I love treasure hunts!You never know what you might find!

Well, I'd better get back to work...hopefully I will be able to pick up a needle in a few days and get some stitching done!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a little of this & a little of that

Fall is most definitely here. It's been really raining off and on for the past couple of days. We did get a few sun breaks today, but they have been few and far between. We were on vacation last week and got lots of things done around the house, spent a few days with our grandson and still had some relaxing time. Vacations are just never long enough though! I realize that it would be oh so easy for me to just slip into the stay at home mode...just can't do it yet though!

Elaine was my partner for the last round of Fair & Squares. These are the beautiful squares she stitched for me. The design is from The Gift of Stitching magazine and it is really pretty. The colors are lovely too. Thanks again Elaine!

I stitched this design from a mon ami Pierre for Elaine. It is stitched with one of the variegated threads from DMC. This was a freebie and is a favorite design of mine. Elaine liked it too!

I also finished my needlebook for the Autumn Needlebook exchange at Friendly Stitchers, but I can't show that until it has been received. And Part 6 was stitched for Carol's SAL...the photos can be seen on her blog.

Only two more months until our secret pen pals are revealed! I received another nice letter from my secret friend. I am really looking forward to finding out who she is!

We will be seeing family this coming weekend. My SIL & BIL are flying in from Maine, and my other SIL and her partner are flying in from Las Vegas. Our Maine relatives will be here for a week. Their son lives in Hood RIver which is about an hour from here and it has been a few years since they have been to visit...the Las Vegas relatives are only stayuing for one night. We are bringing Asher up to see them since they haven't met him yet. In fact, he was born two months after we saw them last when we were back East for a reunion. Should be a fun and busy weekend!

I started another piece last night, but don't have a photo to share yet. It is Dandy Dreams from Silver Creek Samplers. Hazel has let me borrow the pattern, so I want to get it done as quickly as I can. I love this design and love the colors as well. I'll post a photo next time.

And, finally, many of you commented on the little kitty in my TUSAL photo for last month. I love this little kitty, but it is not something that I stitched myself. It was stitched and sent to me by Pauline last year.

So that's it for now. Thanks so much for all your comments, and thanks for taking the time to visit!