Sunday, May 24, 2015

Stitch from Stash

Month: May
Spent: 0
Earned: 0

This has been a crazy month...I've been stitching, but mostly things that are not really old enough to be considered "stash" so they don't count towards earned stitches. But I also didn't have  time to buy anything new either, so I guess I broke even! We'll see what happens this month!
Happy stitching!

it was TUSAL time

And of course, I'm late again. Froggy kept looking at me with those froggy eyes, wondering when I was going to take his picture again. Next time I'll pay more attention!

'Til next time....

Monday, May 4, 2015

if you wait long enough...

and keep looking, eventually lost things become found things!

Some of you may remember that I am prone to losing either my stitching (and having the pattern), or my patterns (and having the stitching). I try to be organized, I really do...I'm a librarian after all! But these things still seem to happen to me more often that I like to admit to.

Anyway, I found one of those stitched pieces that I had been looking for. I was looking for a piece of fabric for another project, and pulled out this piece and there it was...folded with the stitching to the inside so I kept passing it over! I was  (am) so happy because this is a piece that I really want to finish.

It is called Apple Tree Sampler designed by Hawkins House. I started it as a SAL with my friend Babs in January of 2011. The last time I stitched on it was April of that same year. It doesn't seem like that long ago...and I have no idea why I put it aside because I really love it.

So I decided to stitch on it on Tuesdays, since that has always been UFO day ever since I started joining online stitching groups many years ago. I didn't get much done last week, just a couple of small motifs and a start on the tree. But I don't care, as long as I do a little bit each week, it will eventually get finished!

Neither of these shows the fabric very's more of a yellow color, and the threads are much more vibrant than they appear in the photos.
So...don't give up if you think you have lost will turn up...eventually!
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