Saturday, December 10, 2011

december 10 - saturday checklist

  • papers to be shredded (our local police department provides this service every two months...what a big help!) - check!
  • hair cut and colored (boy, did I ever need this! I went to a new place that my husband told me about, and I am so pleased with the results! Thanks, Phan!) - check!
  • big pan of baked ziti ready to take to the party tonight - check!
  • laundry done - check!
  • litter box cleaned out - check!
  • recycling taken down - check!
I think it's time to stitch! What do you think? Jeff took the dogs down to the field to run around (their favorite place to go) and I am all by my lonesome. Awww!

But first, I haven't shown any pictures in awhile, so here is a photo of the ornament I stitched for the Friendly Stitcher's exchange. My partner has recieved it so I am safe to show it here. The design is from My Big Toe, and it is called Joy of Christmas. I used a Threadworx thread...I think it was Christmas Colors or something like that. I really liked working with it though!

So off to my stitching chair I go. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


  1. ooo well done on your productive day ... lovely ornament tooo .. enjoy your stitching :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Great job on your day. I love that ornament - and the floss is fantastic!

  3. Wow! Your list is impressive. I dedicated this day for stitching but that was squashed. I received a call that the cushions were ready for my rocking chair. YAY!

    You've earned some stitching time.

  4. Sounds like time to stitch for sure!!! Love the ornie, so cute!!

  5. well done truly stitching time..keep well xx

  6. and very beautiful ornament :)

  7. Yes, I think you deserve stitching time. The ornament is lovely

  8. Lucky you to have crossed off all your items on the list. I haven't been so successful today, but as the day isn't over yet I might manage a couple more.

  9. Glad you got so much stuff checked off your list of things to do. The pillow is adorable.


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