Thursday, December 22, 2011

december 22 - missed a day :(

Did anyone miss me? Probably not, as my posts have not been very engaging of late! This cold has knocked me out...I'm actually glad to be going to my doctor tomorrow for a check-up from the ER. Maybe he can give me something to knock this out of my system.

So, yesterday, I went home, curled up in hubby's recliner (which is like one enormous comfy!) and fell asleep! I'd probably still be there if someone hadn't called!

But I wanted to share a few pictures...they are not very good, but you'll get the idea. Hubs went out and got our tree last week when I was sick, and he did a really nice job I thought! It's hard to see all the ornaments, but it is an eclectic mix for sure! Asher helped decorate it when he came over...he just loves Christmas trees!

This is our tree topper and it has been in hubby's family since he was a little boy. It is somewhat the worse for wear, but the inside bit still turns around and reflects the pretty colors on the ceiling. We all love it and it is the one constant that always says "Christmas" for us.

So, I have a huge collection of Santas, and I always used to display them all, on the mantle, or someplace else in the house. Well, last year, all of a sudden, the message got back to me that many people think all these Santas in a group are a bit scary! Christmas nightmares and all! So last year I only displayed a small grouping on the mantle. This year, I've only brought out a few. Asher wanted me to put a few of my lighthouses there, so we sort of compromised. The tree has some of the wonderful stitched ornaments I have received from friends over the years (and a couple that I did myself as well!)

Here is a closer look at the tree. The oval shaped Santa on the left is the first stitched ornament I ever received in an exchange (probably at least ten years ago) and it is still one of my favorites. The Mill Hill one in the center is one of the newest, as is the English Plum Pudding one on the right. I love displaying these each year.

And finally, I have to share this wonderful gift that my daughter sent me for my birthday! It's called a Thai Pad, and it is made in Thailand out of pretty silk fabric. It is like a little pillow/cushion to prop up Kindles or iPads or books or whatever you might have. It is the coolest thing! I have an easel stand but that works best on a hard surface, and most often I like to curl up in a chair or on the sofa to read, etc. This is me, if you are a reader or have a reader in your life, you should look into one of these! Thanks again Sara!

So I guess that's all for now. I do have some work to do! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend festivities. Remember to take time to relax!

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  1. Your tree and the stitched ornament tree are great! Hope you will be much better soon!

  2. i love your tree..very sweet and lovely christmas ornament..
    hugs cucki xx

  3. The colds going around are sure knocking people down. Hope you get back to feeling better soon! Love your tree. Your decorations are beautiful too. I hope you have a very Happy Holidays!

  4. Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations! That tree topper is really cool. I have never seen anything like it! Your ornament tree is great - it looks like you might need a bigger one before too long!

    Merry Christmas

  5. I have the same Christmas tree topper! My grandmother got it for us in the late '60s or early '70s. All of us kids loved it, but I inherited it. Being the oldest has its privileges. :). Mine has survived several tree falls over the years, but it still works, and I can't imagine having Christmas without it. I have never known anyone else who had one outside of our family. (I think my grandmother gave them to each of her kids' families that year, and I know she had one on her own tree.)

    I love your stitching, by the way. That's what drew me here in the first place, but as I was browsing through your archives I saw 'my' star and just had to comment on it.


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