Tuesday, December 6, 2011

december 6 - stitching friends are the best!!!

This is turning out to be a wonderful mail week for me! First, I received these wonderful squares from Ruth n the latest round of the Fair & Square exchange.

Ruth and I have been partners before, and I have also seen some of the other squares she has stitched. She always takes the extra time to really personalize the squares she stitches. She chose a design by Blackbird Designs and really changed it up for me. She added the books, and the letters and numbers are the call number for my favorite book, The Little Prince!

Then on the second square she added the codes for our respective libraries...isn't that too cool? The squares are beautifully stitched and I think I am going to make a pin keep for my desk at work.

This is also the month that our secret pen pals were to be revealed, and I received a wonderful surprise today from my pen pal, Gracie! She stitched me this lovely pincushion...the Blackbird Designs piece from this year's ornament issue. It is gorgeous and the back fabric is a beautiful maroon and gold.

I have been following Gracie's blog for awhile and I am really glad that she turned out to be my secret pal. I hope that we will continue to keep in touch.

I also got a wonderful birthday gift from Clare this week, but my camera battery died before I could take a photo :( Clare sent me some lovely backing fabric and threads, a beautiful pair of earrings, a wooden thread holder and a needle minder....the one with the crown. I seem to be collecting these and this was one that I was wanting! She also sent a lovely Sweetheart Tree design with maroon beads...I am not very good at beading, but I am determined to try these little berry embellishments.

These are the squares I sent to Ruth, in that same exchange. The design is a block from A Sampler Story by Brenda Keyes. Ruth has received these and likes them. :) so I am pleased.

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!


  1. ohhhh lovely story re the blocks :) and way to go on having gracie as your pen pal :) lovely ornament she has stitched for you :) love mouse xxxx

  2. yup..they both square sets are so beautiful..well done to ruth and to you..
    hugs xx

  3. Cool, the Squares are beautiful with sets.

  4. That is really personalizing a square. Lovely pieces

  5. Wow you are right it's been a very nice mail week for you. The stitching is all fantastic.

  6. Lovely gifts Lynda...very lucky lady!

  7. Great goodies! You are right, stitchy friends are the best!


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