Friday, December 2, 2011

december 2 - challenges challenges

So...several weeks ago I signed up for the Crazy Challenge for 2012, even though I still have lots of pieces to finish from the Crazy Challenge for 2011. Well, having lots of UFOs and WIPs never stopped me from starting new pieces before, so why should I let it bother me now??? I've been waffling though about really doing I really really want to add at least 15 more starts to my pile? Will I be able to keep up this year? (last year, I got off to such a good start and then went into a huge slump and stitched very little for months).

But this morning I started looking at people's lists and getting that itchy stitchy feeling, and I decided to plunge ahead...I think I am just doing the basic challenge...that's 15 new starts on the first 15 days of January, I think. So here are my no particular order... and, of course, I reserve the right to change my mind between now and January 1, but I think these may stick!
  1. Star Sampler (Periphaeria Designs)
  2. Autumn Band Sampler (Little House Needleworks)
  3. Warm Winter Woolens (Little House Needleworks)
  4. Bloom (Midsummer Night Designs)
  5. Margaret Cottam (La-D-Da)
  6. Metamorphosis (Ink Circles)
  7. Button Button (Country Cottage Needleworks)
  8. To Everything There Is A Season (The Drawn Thread)
  9. Note to Self (Heart in Hand)
  10. Ornamental Pumpkin (Turquoise Graphics & Designs)
  11. ABC's of Aging Artfully (Lizzie Kate)
  12. Morning Star (Blackbird Designs)
  13. Persuasion Pillow (The Sampler Girl)
  14. Jolly Jack (All Through the Night)
  15. Forgive Quickly (Lizzie Kate)

So, now I'm getting excited! I know that many of you are also doing this challenge in some form or other, so I hope we can all encourage each other through the year. And I am really looking forward to seeing everyone's progress
(and watching my wish list grow in leaps and bounds once I see all your wonderful stitching)!

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  1. oooo I recognise some of those :) will keep cheering you on :)and visa versa :) love mouse xxxx

  2. Love your list and I'll cheer you on also, I've my 15 picked but you never know between now and then if some will get changed lol, best of luck.

  3. :) I have joined in with this too for 2012, although I haven't signed up anywhere officially....Convinced my mum to join in too!! LOL all kitted up and ready to go so no turning back now :) Best of luck!! P.S I'm doing button button too!!

  4. That looks like a good list! Gotta get mine posted, although it's a fairly ambitious one. But hey, if we never aim high, we'll never rise above sea level, right?

  5. I've joined the 2012 Challenge as well as it has been so much fun to stitch on my projects this year. Of course they won't be finished by the end of the year but I don't care. It's the fun that counts.
    Great list!

  6. Great list! And congratulations to us both for sticking with the NaBloPoMo so far! lol

  7. Great list! I'll be watching your progress! 15 is just too many for me. I'll have some kind of goal list but not yet sure what it will be. I need to review the one for this year and see how I did first!

  8. yup..very nice list..i am so excited for you..
    good luck and happy stitching xx

  9. Lovely choices and so what if we have new starts! If we have them to start and it makes us happy then why not?? Go on and start. Xx

  10. I'm with you--went off stitching for a few weeks, got itchy fingers tonight and stitched for several hours--felt sooo good.
    The challenge sound terrific! I just finished To Everything by Drawn thread and love it. Of course I did my own variation of it and love it even more--.


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