Wednesday, December 7, 2011

december 7 - the best laid plans....

Our mornings have been very frosty this week...low lying frozen fog and cold temperatures. So as I ride to work with my seat warmer on (one of the best inventions ever, as far as I am concerned!) I have been planning my stitching evenings.

Well, so far, two days have passed and not one stitch has been stitched! Monday, we had our doggy to the vet. id not have a pleasant visit, being poked and prodded and shot full of stuff. And then we find out the poor thing has fleas to boot! Ick! We have been so lucky with our furry family. No-one has fleas since they were really little. But now we have to be on the lookout and be prepared!

And then last night I came home to find my hubby with a splint and softcast/bandage on his arm! Turns out he fell at the Transit Center (slipped on some spilled diesel fuel) and fractured his wrist. I can feel his pain, believe me! My wrist is still not right and it has been two months. I think he has it worse than me though...his is really swollen and very painful.

So maybe tonight I will have some time to put my needle & thread through some fabric...maybe...just maybe....

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  1. ohhh blimey .. poor poochie ... and DH too ... hope you manage to put needle and thread through the fabric and not yourself love mouse xxxx

  2. Our plans never seem to work like we want them to. I always wish I could finish this way faster than possible haha. Hope you get some stitching time soon though. Hope your furbaby and hubby get better soon.

  3. oh dear..hope your furbaby and hubby feel better soon..
    i hope you get some stitching time soon..sending you lots of stitchy hugs xx

  4. Oh, that is bad luck. Poor DH. I hope that all is well soon and that you get some stitching done.

    Hugs, Kaye xoxox

  5. I hope your DH and doggie are feeling better! I am hoping to get some stitching done as well. I see you signed up for Elizabeth Hancock. Isn't she beautiful!

  6. My goodness...sorry for the pooch and the hubby! Hope things turn around soon...

  7. I am sad for you. :( So much sad things has happened to you lately.


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