Friday, December 23, 2011

december 23 - trying to plan

The new year is looming before us and I am still trying to plan all my stitching projects for 2012!

There's the Crazy 15 Challenge, WIPocalypse, two round robins, at least 4 SALs that I can think of, plus trying to keep up with monthly ornaments!

I have a page here for my Crazy 15 projects. None are completely kitted up yet, but I think I have most of the parts for all of them. Just have to get them together! I posted a list of my WIPs this morning. Geesh! There are certainly a lot of them, and I am afraid that there may be more that I forgot about. I still am not sure what patterns I will be using for my round robins, but I have until mid-January for one, and hopefully February for the other.

I ordered threads and fabric for the Quaker Christmas II SAL yesterday. I had hoped to start that one on Christmas Day, but that won't be happening. I still have to get the pattern for the Elizabeth Hancock SAL. Hopefully, my LNS will have it and then I can get the threads. I think I have the fabric picked out. The other two SALs are both cottage/houses and those will be available monthly, so I hope I can keep up.

The last thing will be one ornament a month. I was just reading about a group that is setting up a challenge for that...but I can't remember where I saw it! It was only yesterday....I think at least one of my yahoo groups will be continuing with an ornament a month SAL though, so I should have no trouble getting the encouragement I need!

Is everyone else ready for 2012 stitching?

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  1. You have a big stitching year ahead of you. Good luck with all you have scheduled to do.

  2. Sounds like lots of stitchy time in your future. I can't wait to see progress pics.

  3. You've lots of stitching planned. Lovely. I have to and am organised down to working out how to fit it all in lol, thats nearly as hard as deciding on what to do !

  4. Are you kidding!? Have plans organized for stitching! I can bearly organize myself for dinner! I love that you've already got your plans made and that you're having the fun of chosing your colors and fabrics to launch yourself into 2012, Lynda. Spare some time to read this year, and to stop by and see what's up with my reading, too.
    I'll be stopping by to see how your stitchalongs are going. I miss our stitchalongs, and just wanted you to know that one we stitched on together is now hanging in my little granddaughter's bedroom. Thank you for helping to make it a family heirloom.
    Love, hugs and every wish for blessings in your new year.

  5. Very ambitious year can do it!

  6. you are really going to be busy this next year stitching! I have joined the WIPocalypse and think between that and some exchange stitching I will be busy enough. But I will love watching all your progress. Good luck.

  7. Great stitching plans!!! I hate when I see something I want to join or do or stitch and then can't remember where I saw it...seems like a theme lately LOL!


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