Friday, December 9, 2011

december 9 - vacation time!

Yes...we are officially off work for the next week, and I plan to get lots of relaxing time!

I found out earlier today that one of co-workers lost her dad this morning. He had been really sick for most of the past year, in and out of the hospital, but it is still sad. Another angel up in heaven to watch over the rest of us.

When I went to get a card for everyone to sign, I decided to go o our Friends of the Library bookstore which is only a few blocks from the library. They sell lots of handmade cards and they are just beautiful. And guess what I found while waiting in line? A copy of the Just Cross Stitch ornament issue from 1999...for .25!!! What a find for was fun looking at which designers have been included still through all these years...some of their styles have changed and others were as recognizable as if they had just designed them yesterday.

So I just found out that we are going to a Christmas party tomorrow night. I think I had better get to the hairdresser first thing in the morning...I'm long overdue!

So, goodnight for now. Thanks for taking the time to visit!


  1. hello dear, i am so sorry about the sad news of your co worker dad..she is in my prayers and thoughts.
    wow great find of cross stitch ornament issue and in great price too..
    enjoy the christmas party tomm night..
    sending you hugs cucki xx

  2. I am sorry to hear your sad news. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers. You are doing better than I am on this blogging challenge! Good for you!

  3. So unfair! First you, then your dogs, then your DH and now your co-worker! I can't even imagine, how you must feel right now.


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