Wednesday, November 2, 2022

It's really Fall now!

After lots of days in the mid-high 80's in October, we are finally settling into our usual fall temps and the rain has started. Last night was Halloween, and it was really pouring...kind of sad for all the littles who were out for trick or treat.

I had a couple of small starts in September, both of which have been put aside for now. The first was the "Acorns and Threads" sampler from Carriage House Samplings. I really like this sampler, but I am not really crazy about the thread and fabric I chose. The fabric is much darker than it shows in the photo, so I may be changing this out:

The second piece only got a tiny few stitches, but it is definately one I want to finish. It is "Olivia Ochreleiph" from Silver Creek Samplers, and I love all of the beautiful fall colors in this one.

In October, I participated in the Witchy Stitchy challenge on Embroidery. com The goal is to stitch every day in the month. The first piece I worked on was "Celtic Pumpkin" by The Scattered Seed. I have had this pattern for a long time, and I even had the called for fabric which was a brown linen. I don't normally stitch on linen, but I thought I could manage this small piece. Well, I couldn't! I just had a really hard time keeping my stitches neat. So I substituted a piece of jobelan from my stash (Anubis from Under the Sea Fabrics) and used the called for threads. I was able to start and finish this one during the month!

The second piece I worked on was "Halloween Quaker" by Lila's Studio. I started this one in 2019, but
kept putting it down for one reason or another. I showed where I was in my last post,, but I am happy to say that it is now finished! (and by Halloween too!)

I also am up to date on my "12 Days of Christmas" sampler from Satsuma Street.

My plans for November are simple...I want to stitch all the samplers! I have several I want to start and a few that are WIPs, so I hope I can get some finishes before the end of the month. I'll show what I manage to get done next time.

Also, my next 25/7 piece is another WIP..."Quaker Street" by Marjorie Massey. I started this in January of 2020, and put it down amidst all the COVID stuff going on. Anyway, this is where I started

And where I am after day one:

November is my birthday month, so I am gifting lots of stitching time to myself (I hope!) I hope you will all join me!

Until next time,  please remember to always be kind to yourself, and to others. Happy stitching!


  1. Your new starts look good, Lynda. I like the Quaker piece you are working on. You mentioned it was your next 25/7 piece. What is that? Wishing you a wonderful birthday month filled with lots of time to stitch!

  2. Fabulous progress for October. And congratulations on the Happy Dance for the Halloween Quaker. I do like that design, it’s on my “one day” list!
    Serendipitous Jo

  3. Beautiful progress. Enjoy your November.

  4. Lots of lovely pieces and progress. I love your Halloween finishes, especially the Quaker!
    I hope you have a great birthday, enjoy your stitching time.

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  6. The ABC one is pretty. You sure know how to stitch.


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