Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's funny...when I went to the hospital with my daughter last week I brought all kinds of stitching to do, thinking I would have lots of sitting around time. Well, I did have lots of time, but somehow only managed to put a few stitches in anything! I guess we were just concentrating on other things!
Anyway, I finished this little square yesterday. It's for the monthly block exchange with the STO group. The theme for August is trees, and I stitched this Quaker Tree freebie from the Workbasket. Also started a small Prairie School Santa for another exchange, but no pictures of that one yet.
Thanks so much to everyone who takes the time to read this blog, and for the wonderful comments. And thanks for the good wishes for Asher...he is truly a joy and a blessing.


  1. Cute finish! And congrats on Asher...he is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. HI there, what a cute finish and a beautiful grandson you have. Congrats,Kimberly

  3. Nice tree, Lynda ;) I always pack way more stitching than I actually need anywhere I go, too LOL

    And a big congratulations on your new grandson!!

  4. Nice stitching. Enjoy your grandson.


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