Sunday, May 9, 2010

may 9 - happy mother's day

I hope all the mother's and grandmothers had a wonderful day today. I was lucky enough to have my grandson and daughter here. He is such a delight...and changes so much each time I see him.

I have been woefully neglectful of my blog and my groups for so many months. Things at work have been crazy, but that's fodder for another post! My stitching has been neglected too...but I did finish an ornament exchange and a round robin this week. After these I have one more ornament exchange and another round robin and then I can concentrate on my many already started pieces and maybe finish some!

This is the ornament I stitched for Julianne for Becky's ornament exchange group. It is the 2005 ornament by Blackbird Designs from the JCS ornie issue...Home for Christmas. It is stitched on a piece of antique white linen with Carrie's silk threads in Masquerade and Sage Grass. I love Carrie's Threads but hadn't used her silks before. They are wonderful to work with.

This round robin is one from Ally's group and it belongs to Karen. Her theme was welcome and "home" so thought this bit of LHN's Home of a Needleworker would be perfect. It fit at the very bottom of a long piece of fabric. I used various DMC variegated threads for the stitching.

So now I'm off to watch "Celebrity Apprentice"...don't ask me why. I am not one who likes reality tv (except for Project Runway), but we watched this one Sunday quite a few weeks ago and just got sucked in! I think it's almost over though...maybe a few more weeks.

Until next time, mahalo for visiting and for all your wonderful comments.


  1. Your finishes are beautiful!
    Happy Mothers' Day!

    Feathers in the Nest

  2. I hear you on busy...
    I saw your pretty ornament on Julianne's blog and I still love it seeing it here :) And what a perfect addition to Karen's RR!

  3. A very pretty ornament for Julianne!

  4. That Karen's project is beautiful. Well done!


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