Tuesday, May 4, 2010

may 4 - a simple woman's daybook

for today...may 4

outside my window....it is still dark
i am hearing....the ticking of the clock
i am wearing....warm clothes in May
in the kitchen...bread is toasting
i am grateful...that my hubby is willing to color my hair for me
i am thinking about...how much packing is left to do at work
i am creating... some stitching for a friend
i am looking forward to...the light at the end of the tunnel
i am reading...The Aloha Quilt
i am wishing...that i could crawl back into bed
one of my favorite things...
a happy child
a photo to share...my new grand furbaby

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  1. Love your list and your new grand furbaby!

  2. I enjoy reading your lists.
    You have a darling new grand furbaby.

  3. I always love to read your daybook. And I always get hooked on the book entry so that I have to get some more information about the book. Very enabling.

  4. I love your comments in your daybook, and what a cute dog!

  5. Love your daybook!

    And your new furbaby is precious too!



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